Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...

  • I'm still using PP2014 by default even though I've got Poser 11. There've been a few times (not too recently though - back in Poser 9/10 days) when I've had to fall back to Poser 6 because all the later versions I had stopped working...

    Anyway, last night I did a quick 512x64 spine (+micro-cover) for a generic encyclopedia. I quite like it.
    If I can do a 340x32 one and decide how to split the alphabet across 6x64=384 volumes (that's an average of14-15 volumes per letter, plus an index or two) in an amusing manner I might do that. But I'm fairly sure that the amusing idea will rapidly become an arduous task, and I know what happens when that happens...

  • @3dcheapskate That's looking pretty good as an encyclopedia set. ~wink~

  • What a great idea and thanks, these will be really useful! :)

  • Thanks MissB & Chris - I think I'm at the stage where I need to release this six bookrows prop with a "Known PITA" list.

    Just found another problem - DAZ Studio 3* this time. In Poser the magnet zone is applied to the unmorphed mesh, and thus it covers just the eight vertices of the selected individual book. However, in DAZ Studio 3 it appears to apply to the morphed mesh which totally screws it up.

    DAZ Studio 4.9 is okay in this regard (except that I can't find any way to restrict the DS sliders to only select integer values for shelf number and book number. Not a big problem - just a minor PITA for any user).

    So Poser 6 magnet deletion, DAZ Studio 3 individual book selection, DAZ Studio book/shelf dials, and DS Materials (Specular settings - manually set glossiness=75%, strength=50% - I'm not doing DS mats any more as it's not fun) will all go on the Known PITA list for this ! :o)

    *Yes, trying to support older versions is a PITA ! ;o)

  • The Six-Bookrows Prop is now uploaded at ShareCG:
    3DCheapskate's Six-Bookrows Prop
    0_1540826431197_Render 1.png

  • @3dcheapskate said in Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...:

    The Six-Bookrows Prop is now uploaded at ShareCG:
    3DCheapskate's Six-Bookrows Prop

    And downloaded. Thanks muchly. ~wink~

  • @3dcheapskate Downloaded with thanks! I've been working on some personal renders with my anime girl where I needed some props like this!

  • Hope you folks find it useful. And don't forget to let me know of any problems you have with this, or any suggestions for improvement.

  • Just having a play with it in DS4.9 (trying to see if I can get DS integer sliders working for book/shelf number) and I found that the magnet (inc. base and zone) isn't being loaded at all. I think that happened after replacing their geometry with a null.obj. PP2014 is perfectly fine, so this looks like a DS-specific problem. So maybe I should use non-null.obj geometries but with invisible materials ?

    Also noticed in the 'promo' image that one of the 'classic' brown books is poking through the central pillar of the larger bookcase. That's because I ignored the pillar when I set up the quick fit, so the books actually continue through that central pillar.

    So maybe I need two more 'Quick Fits' - 'The Study Bookcase (Left Only')' and 'The Study Bookcase (Right Only)'? And then I end up with rather thin books because the prop has a fixed 64 books per row...

    And that reminds me: I didn't include any morphs to change the thickness of any books - that needs a bit more thought. I think the idea mentioned back in post 31 for mini-stacks might be useful.

  • Just done a texture for the 384 volume Smartarse Encyclopedia - that was 'fun' ! :oS
    Here's a couple of renders:
    0_1540890912407_Render 1.jpg 0_1540890921519_Render 3.jpg 0_1540890931484_Render 4.jpg

    And heres the texture:

  • @3dcheapskate said in Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...:

    Just having a play with it in DS4.9 (trying to see if I can get DS integer sliders working for book/shelf number) and I found that the magnet (inc. base and zone) isn't being loaded at all...

    I'm pleased to say that I was talking rubbish there ! :o)

    I'd opened the PP2 in DS4.8, saved it as a 'Figure/Prop Asset" DUF, and it was when I loaded from that DUF that I found the magnet had vanished. Saving as a Scene Subset DUF instead seems to fix that.

  • @3dcheapskate DS has issues with Poser magnets and pmd based morphs... but I'm happy you found a fix...

  • @theschell It looks as if the magnets in this particular case are basically working okay, so I'm lucky there. And with Richard Haseltine's help, pointing me in the right direction a few times, I'm trying to fix the DS non-integer 'Shelf/Book Number' dials problem. I've now got integer sliders, and I've almost, but not quite, got them controlling the magnet base position correctly - hopefully with the latest nudges from that thread I'll have that resolved soon.

  • I've just managed to do the DS-native version of the six-bookrows prop (just the DUF, no mats yet) and there's a bit more info in the DAZ thread over there ----> .

  • Got distracted a couple of weeks ago (re-* )working out how to do a DS-native version. Got side-tracked from the distraction trying to (re-* )work out why DS (old DS, i.e. 3Delight) gets the 'Glossiness' totally screwed up when it imports a Poser prop/figure. And got (re-* )bored with the distraction from the side-track...

    Anyway, I'm back to playing with a geometry-swapping bookrows prop. I'm thinking of each shelf being split into left, mid, and right parts to allow a nice variety of mix-and-match. And I think I've worked out how to allow each actor/bone (shelf1left, shelf1mid, shelf1right, shelf2left, ... shelf6right) to use exactly the same OBJ files for their alternate geometries. ..

    *I did that before - a long, long time ago...

    P.S. I HATE having to put a space after any asterisk I type, just so that Markdown can tell that it's NOT indicating the start/end of an italicized block of text.

  • @3dcheapskate re: your markdown woes, I get frustrated with having to have a space after someone's @name, if I want to apostrophise it. A la @3dcheapskate 's markdown woes. It just feels wrong! At least @shvrdavid is around to fix things when I screw up markdown too badly, as I have done, with too many, unbalanced NSFW tags. Ruined a whole thread until it got fixed.

  • This forum software handles Mark down a bit oddly to say the least....

  • @Karina - I've finally started to add some of your titles to my collection. I probably need a bit more variation in the font used. And I definitely need more titles !
    0_1544891783642_Render 1.jpg

  • And more on the way...
    0_1544973939646_Render 1.jpg

  • @3dcheapskate Ohhh, a stack of books. Looks nice.