Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...

  • @3dcheapskate well! That's all my Christmas presents sorted! Thank you :-)

    Here are a few more titles you're welcome to:
    "The Bedstead Men", "Of Boot and Sock", "Watch the Wall, My Darling", "The Best of Flounder and Swine", "The Cable Man Cometh", "With Drogue and Snood: Trolling Matters"

  • @miss-b - The MTs for that stack were attached to this 27 Aug post on the DAZ thread because I can't upload/attach text files, OBJ files or any suchlike here on the SM forum

  • @anomalaus Flounder and Swine jumped out straight away - but I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest!* ;o)
    Some bells are ringing (mutedly) for the others - The Taxman Cometh ? Although I'm fairly sure that wasn't the original either...
    Unless I can figure out the rest I'll probably end up, as is now traditional, by using variations of your username as the authors - e.g N Ormalouse, N R Millhouse, N ॐ L Owss, etc. Provided of course that N Ormalouse, N R Millhouse, N ॐ L Owss, etc don't object !

    I also found another title to add to Karina's list - "Warren's Peas" by Leo Tallstory. And then of course there's a huge selection of classics by Edmund Wells and Charles Dikkens...

    *that's the only song I recall off the cuff

  • @3dcheapskate said in Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...:

    @miss-b - The MTs for that stack were attached to this 27 Aug post on the DAZ thread because I can't upload/attach text files, OBJ files or any suchlike here on the SM forum

    Oh, thank you. I'm liking the bookcase full of books Jacques (mCasual) came up with. Very nice indeed.

  • @miss-b ...somebody should do a PoserPython version, shouldn't they? ;o)

  • @3dcheapskate Ohhh, I could get behind that. ~wink~

    Unfortunately, Python is one language with which I have absolutely no experience. ~frown~

  • @3dcheapskate

    this was a welcome distraction for me so I thought I'd go looking at my bookshelf again.
    I thought we could need more international diversity, so here is a little more.
    (and no, I don't actually have all these books in original language)

    First, a few runner-ups for the "Russian/Ukrainan" Edition:

    • Taras Tchevtsenko - Cholodniy Depressiya
    • Taras Tchevtsenko - Kaffka
    • Ivan Frank - Flourishing Foliage
    • A. Bolshenitsin - The Goulash Archipelago (101 Hungarian Recipies)


    Next some "Etcher Allen Poo": (No offense intended - I love his "Tales of Mystery and Imagination"!)

    (B.t.w., how about making all these a "collection" of same looking books)

    • A Narrative of A.G.Plum of Martha's Vineyard
    • Mr. Pit and his Pendulum
    • The Cask of old Sherry
    • The Chatty Heart
    • The Morgue in the Rue Meurtrier
    • The Post-Mortem Burial
    • The Restituded Letter
    • The White Mouse
    • This Fall, in the House Of Asher


    French Classic Literature:
    (only an excerpt - the ones that came to mind. This is a huge topic!)

    • Albert Campus - Le bien connu

    • Alexandre du Masse - La Comtesse de Valle Diablo

    • Alexandre du Masse - Les Deux Magots

    • Alexandre du Masse - La Dame aux Chameaux

    • Antoine le Saint Exaspèré - La grande Princesse

    • Charles Beau de l'Air - Les pleurs des mauvais

    • Edmond Croissant - Cyrano le Perpignac

    • E. Mille Zola - Le Hors d'Oeuvre

    • E. Mille Zola - Thérèse d'Aquin

    • France Sagane - Au revoir gaieté

    • Guide Malpassant - Belle Pépée

    • Honoré de Zalbac - Le Cousin Bête

    • Honoré de Zalbac - Pierre Loriot

    • Hugo Victoire - Les Joieux

    • Hugo Victoire - Le Beau de Sacré-Coeur

    • Hugo Victoire - Le premier jour d'un amnistié

    • Mme. de Vieuxville - La balle dans la tête

    • Marcel Prout - A la recherche du temps gagné

    • Moulinière - Tartuffo (Mes meilleures recettes du dessert Italien)

    • Moulinière - Donna Juanita

    • Pierre Canaille - Le Cidre (Comment devenir ivre quand même?)

    • Pierre Canaille - Maman!!!

    • Verner Jules - Vingt millimêtres sous les mers

    • Verner Jules - Le tour du monde en vingt-quatre heures

    • Volontaire - Candidat, ou: Le Pessimisme

    À mes amis Francais:
    S'il-vous-plaît corrigez les titres et mon grammaire quand nécessaire - mon Francais est assez rouillé...


    How about a complete edition of Bill Shakenpears works like "Hamlet: A history of small settlements in Britain"?


    And we haven't yet even touched the German classics like Goethe's "Doctor Fisticuffs" or "Robert Wagners" (sic!) "Donausilber" (yes I know that's an opera)
    But I think you get the picture.

    Bitte vorwärts meine Damen und Herren! ;o)


  • Absolutely marvellous - I'll try to start work on cataloguing these today.
    Our classics section seems to be growing nicely now.
    (I've already taken the liberty of adding a few of my own to your original selection:)

    • I Don't Recall That ... Mark L Prowst
    • The Magic Mushroom ... Thomasina Vomann
    • Donkey Sauté ...Michelle D Thervantis
    • Terrence The White .... Johnny Martial & Marty John D Gulby
    • The Cat,The Wizard, And The Cupboard ...Seuss Lewis
    • Warren's Peas ... Leo Tallstory

    And then there's Jay Nosteen's 'Hanger' trilogy:

    • Southanger All Night Convenience Store
    • Easthanger Pizza Takeaway
    • Westhanger Kebab Shop

    But my personal favourite so far has to be:

    • Adobe Mick ... Mervyn Hellman

  • @3dcheapskate Actually, I got a kick out of The Cat,The Wizard, And The Cupboard by Seuss Lewis. ~grin~

  • This is very reminiscent to me of the endless merriment which ensued from Piers Anthony (Jacob)'s inadvertent challenge to readers of his fantasy novels to come up with puns which he would then cherry pick for book titles and weave throughout the stories therein. Like "Aisle of View", et al. :-)

  • How about "The Fourth-Dimensional Perturbations Of The House Of Escher" by Alan Edgar-Poe
    (And there do indeed appear to be some wonderful puns in Piers Anthony's bibliography)

  • I'm progressing... slowly.
    Very slowly !
    (Who'd have thought it would be so difficult and time-consuming to select fonts, sizes and colours for book-spine text, and to come up with author names ?)
    The bottom row is the current status of the second batch of pulp fiction (already previewed in a slightly earlier state on 16th Dec.
    0_1545996520724_Render 1.jpg

  • I'm also contemplating yet another different mapping - 2 rows of 32 books. This is just so that I don't forget !
    That's a 1024x1024 JPG (75% quality). 2 rows each with 32 books. Each spine is 924x32 pixels (a small swatch, in black on the top row, being used for the covers) and there's a 100x32 pixel bit for the top/bottom/page-edges.
    Haven't actually tried this yet.

  • Yep, that mapping seems to render okay, and I can use U/V_Offset to select which of the two rows to use and which book to start with.
    Since my original prop has 41 books I'll need to either map the last 9 books onto the second row, or remove the last 9 books. Or add 23 books and map the 64 books total to both rows.

  • I've got the second batch of 41 pulp fiction titles done - here's a render:

    And here's the texture - simply download it and apply it to the original prop:

  • And the first batch of proper literature for the original 41 book prop...

  • For anybody who maybe wants to change one or two of the titles on any of the three 41 book prop textures, I've uploaded PNGs (with transparency) of just the text, plus PNGs of just the underlying colours to this post on the associated DAZ forum
    (I'll upload them here too if anybody really wants me to)

  • And now it's back to square one again ! (but with a big grin)
    I'm (re)starting with three very basic (and manifold) meshes - a minimalist paperback, a minimalist hardback, and a hardback with a slightly curved spine. I think I posted them earlier in this thread ?

    My basic model is now a row of 64 books, each book being mapped to a separate 512x32 block on a 1024x1024 UV map. Each of the 3 basic meshes map to the same area. Here's my first proper texture, using the first 32 spines from each of the pulp 1 and pulp 2 textures for the original 41 book prop:

    And here are three rows of 64 books all using this same texture:
    0_1546436905719_Render 1.jpg

    The next job is in three parts:

    1. Create morphs, similar to what I had before, for each of the three bookrows. Do the same for bookstacks (the morphs required for stacks don't make sense if applied to rows, so I'm going to keep them separate).
    2. Create cut down versions of these 3 morphing bookrows and 3 morphing bookstacks - I'm thinking maybe 32 books, 16 books, 8 books, and 4 books ?
    3. Create a few pre-morphed row/stack props without any morphs in the end prop. I can add some leaning books into these and thus sidestep the problems associated with 'lean' morphs.

  • @3dcheapskate said in Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...:

    1. Create a few pre-morphed row/stack props without any morphs in the end prop. I can add some leaning books into these and thus sidestep the problems associated with 'lean' morphs.

    If you create a single book, then the user can add that where needed and x rotate it if they need a leaning book between say 2 blocks of 4

    This is a really brilliant prop, thank you so much for sharing it, and also documenting the journey!

  • @amethystpendant - You're right, so I'll add ", 2 books, and 1 book" back into that list then :o)