Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...

  • @amethystpendant :o)
    I'm going to try adding a spine width morph next

  • I've added spine width morphs to the first, second, and fourth groups of eight books for the render below (I didn't do the third yet because I'm lazy. And see below the render for the reason I'm using 8-book blocks)
    0_1546872826992_Render 1.jpg

    The main thing with the spine-width morph is that I don't want it to alter the length of the bookrow.
    But also, once I've got all the MT OBJs done for this 64-book prop I plan to avoid unnecessary work by creating the shorter 32/16/8-book props from the base 64-book OBJ (and the MT OBJs) by simply deleting the rightmost 32/48/56 books respectively from the base OBJ and MT OBJs*
    And I don't want the spine-width morphs for the 8/16/32-book props to alter the lengths of those shorter bookrows either. So I don't want the boundaries of each of the first four blocks of eight books to move with this morph.

    (I'm not worried about the 4/2-book props - it's not much work to create new MTs for them from scratch. Doing that for an 8-book prop is a bit too much extra work I think)

    *I tested this before and it worked, no messing up of vertex order! I'd better double-check

  • So here's what the current ridiculously high-poly ( ;o) ) 5632vertex/5504 face 64-book (hardback-with-curved-spine-and-joint variety) prop looks like with just three morphs (866KB uncompressed PP2 file) - 'Odds-Random-Size', 'Evens-Random-Size', and 'Random-Spine-Width'. The top four rows demonstrate the unmorphed prop (third row) and the three individual morphs at 1.0. The bottom two rows demonstrate the three morphs all set to 1.0 and the three morphs all set to -1.0.
    0_1546952661011_Render 1.jpg

  • You can't see the joint (that's the proper technical term for the 'gutter-thingy') in that last render, and as I was doing a render from a different viewpoint I remembered the 'Joint-Width' and 'Joint-Depth' morphs, so I added them - PP2 size is now 956KB. The front row has these two morphs twiddled randomly (and not very well - the morphs look better than that with sensible values)
    Who thinks it's worth having them in the prop ?

    By the way, I was going to add the 'More-Curved' morph... but I'd overlooked the fact that if you also use the 'Random-Spine-Width' morph then you'll want a larger 'More-Curved' value for the wider spines, and a smaller (probably negative) 'More-Curved' value for the slimmer spines. So maybe the 'Random-Spine-Width' morph should also modify the spine curve ? What do you folks think ?

    And I noticed that this mesh doesn't have the headband and tailband...

  • Creating cut-down versions as I planned works fine - here's the 32-book version with one morph, just as a test:

    On another tack - if I load the 866KB/906KB morphing 64-book prop, dial in the three basic morphs, export that as an OBJ, reimport, and save as a PP2 the file size reduces to 609KB, so that's a 25% reduction. So a couple of pre-morphed props (as Karina suggested) at each size might be useful.

  • When I said "...a couple of pre-morphed props..." I meant a bit more than that. Dialing in a few morphs in Poser and exporting the OBJ is a nice starting point. Then play with that OBJ in Blender moving books around to make it look more like a real section of a row of books...
    Here's my first play:
    0_1547023165070_Render 1.jpg
    0_1547023177664_Render 2.jpg

  • @3dcheapskate Now that looks more like my bookcase :o)

  • @3dcheapskate do you have a Farenheit 451 morph? ;-)

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    I really like the latest geometry with the joints. I downloaded your single-book demo from Daz page and found that the spine renders with a strange dark artifact on whichever end is farther from the camera.

    I look on yours and see it there too:


    I was experimenting with procedural shaders on this prop. I did not get the leather cover to look the way I want yet but I do like the procedural paper edges. Note: I moved the page polygons into a different material so I could do the shader without concern for the cover interfering.

    Notice the same darkening artifact on my render where the diffuse color is not black?


  • @amethystpendant - mine too - the real world's much scruffier than renders ! :o)
    @anomalaus - I'm saving those as morphs for the final single-book model - you know, the one with individual, separately morphable, pages... ;o)
    @bagginsbill - Thank you, glad you like it - sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go. I hadn't noticed that artefact**, but would appear to be smoothing/crease-angle related:
    And I'd forgotten about putting the page-ends* into a separate material zone - I think I mentioned doing that somewhere earlier.

    *fore-edge, head and tail if we're being precise and using correct terminology !
    **Mirriam-Webster tells me that the British spelling uses 'e', so I'm okay there !

  • I'm working on 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64-book* morphing (I prefer the term 'adjustable' for the morphs I'm creating - randomish book sizes and widths, plus joint depth/width for the jointed versions) props for each of the five basic closed book meshes (minimalist paperback, hardback, hardback (curved), and jointed versions of the two hardbacks).

    Once they're done I think I'll upload them as my next freebie at ShareCG. But I'm going to take a break for the weekend.

    *I'm doing them all with a single mat zone (although I now also have two-mat-zone versions of the base 1/64-book meshes).

  • >>> And they're up ! <<<

    (I almost lost the will to live while preparing this ! )


  • ...working on this v helped keep me sane while doing that ^...
    Barbarian Dad: You should consider yourself lucky that your mother didn't find... this...

  • @3dcheapskate Will consume as soon as I get home, glad you found a release for the madness whilst doing this!


  • @3dcheapskate have you, perhaps, allowed a few volumes of Vogon Poetry to slip into your collection unawares ;-)

  • @anomalaus I'd imagine that books of Vogon poetry would have a certain Dali-esque look to them, slowly dribbling off the shelves ?

    I've also been considering adding a few boxed sets (not of Vogon poetry though):

    • Yves St. Asimov's "Foundation" series (just the original trilogy): "Foundation", "Foundation And Blusher", "Second Foundation"
    • Frank Driedfruit's "Prune" series: "Prune", "Prune Messiah", "Children Of Prune", "God EmperorOf Prune", "Laxatives Of Prune"
    • G.P. 'Doc'McCoy's "Shelduck" series: "The Shelduck Of Space", "Shelduck Forty Two", "Shelduck On Valium", "Shelduck DuQuack"

  • Next step - create a similar set of bookstacks, with bookstack-type morphs. I think that perhaps a 16-book stack may be a suitable maximum size ? So 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 ... errr, not sure whether I actually need a single book stack - the single book props in the stuff I've just released should do, shouldn't they ?

    And then create more of the combination props (non-adjustable), with some books leaning,others stacked, etc.

  • @3dcheapskate said in Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate...:

    • Yves St. Asimov's "Foundation" series (just the original trilogy): "Foundation", "Foundation And Blusher", "Second Foundation"

    Ohhhh, my all time favorite Sci-Fi book series. ~wink~

  • Just had a thought about stacks, and the problem of linear morphs being unsuitable for rotations...
    The key seemsto be to untick 'Bend' for each bone. Then you can use X/Z-Translate to move each book left-right/front-back and Y-rotate to turn each book...

  • @3dcheapskate since each book prop is an instantiation of the same object, could you not just use valueOperations on the first book in the stack to control rotations and translations of the others, then no additional morphs are required to be subject to linear interpolation of a rotation morph?