Transform and move (panel) x, y

  • What is the most accurate way to move objects in Clip Studio Paint?0_1535109652650_Comic2.jpg

  • I don't know how to align objects like photoshop align button!

  • CSP does not have the Align functions. It does however allow you to more easily select objects and allows you to easily and accurately nudge them using the arrow keys ( where PS would only do this if you first rasterize). So if for instance you want to align vertically then you can select an object and move it horizontally to your desired position using the arrow keys without accidentally moving it also upwards but the exact alignment requires your judgement or the use of a grid or guideline. You can also draw some objects (eg the rectangle tool ) on a ruler so that they are aligned at creation.

    So whilst CSP does not have the alignment functions of PS... the move facilities are in my opinion simpler and easier to use than PS.