Converting clothing with styleing morphs from V4 to Project Elovultion

  • First up, a big thank you to Erogenesis for Project Evolution. Second up, a big thanks to Vilters for his post in "Conforming pants for PE - Made easy :)" I have heaps of clothing for V4 and now Project Evolution is my number one female avatar. A lot of my clothing has "style morphs" like open etc. The fitting room and Erogenesis's mannequin's do as they were intended to do, but the styling morphs were lost in the process.
    I worked out a slightly different process.
    Follow Erogenesis's work instructions for converting V4 clothing to PE. That is, as I did it, load V4 donar, load the Clothing Mannequin. Then load the clothing item to convert conforming to V4. As per Erogensesis's instructions transfer the PE morphs. Morph V4 to PE shape. All the above is Erogenesis's work instructions.
    Now spawn a morph of the clothing item. Call it what you want. I called it "PE fit" what ever item. Then export the morph injection (I have Poser pro 11.1) to a \runtime\libraries\pose\your choice.
    Now, once more follow Erogenesis's work instructions and take the clothing item into the fitting room. In the filling room, select keep deformations then de-select zero prop for your "Object" then only zero the Goal. Follow Erogenesis's instructions for the bone selection (one extra). Don't transfer morphs, don't auto group.
    Go back to the pose room and save your Cr2 file.
    Locate your runtime\libraries\character\your subfolder name and rename the .obj file. I add "bak" to the end of it ,
    Locate the original .obj file, copy it to the Character folder where your Cr2 file is and rename it to what your bad .obj was called. (you know this because it has "bak" at the end.
    Now I hide the mannequin and the original clothing item. Load the Cr2 you have just saved. Don't conform as PE is not in the scene and it's not required to conform yet.
    Now copy the "styling morphs" from the original clothing item. Then copy the joint control morphs (as per Erogenesis's instructions, only later) from the mannequin and the PE morphs from the mannequin. Test as you go. The clothing is still V4 size and shape. Load (inject) the PE morph from your pose folder.
    Save your new Cr2 file.
    Clear the scene (I save) then load PE, load the clothing and conform. Dial the PE morph to 1 so it re-sizes the .Obj and you have clothing for PE with the original vendors style morphs.
    One last thing. It is late and I have had a couple of whiskey's so forgive me for the typo's.
    Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • It's not perfect and I have poke though issues. Here is an example using "welder girl"

  • Poke-thrus are easily fixed with the morphing brush. All in all it looks good, and thanks for explaining the how-to :)