Poser 12. When???

  • Just curious about when people think the new version will be out. Got my money ready. You listening Poser Team?

  • @ghostship I'm not sure, but don't they usually bring out their new versions in the early Fall months, like September or October? At least that's when I remember getting the last versions of Poser I have.

  • Are there any news about Poser 12? New functions?

  • I am also very concerned about POSER 12

  • @mne said in Poser 12. When???:

    I am also very concerned about POSER 12


  • @miss-b Yeah, I know the fall is when new stuff gets released. I hope my personal list of additions and fixes are included.

  • @ghostship You and me both!

  • If you are really concerned go to the SmithMicro quarterly NASDAC report where they will have to post the termination of projects divisions, etc. As long as they have not reported the termination then you have to take it as given they are making satisfactory progress on the new version and are on the timeline to release that they have projected. The only problem is they don't have to announce when the release date is. One thing is that today I just received an e-mail from SmithMicro promoting content from Renderosity, which tells me they have sometime to look at the bigger picture, which would not be the case if they are in trouble. Just my two cents.

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    @mne said in Poser 12. When???:

    I am also very concerned about POSER 12


    In Japan, POSER is positioned as a hobby use to many users.
    A huge number of youths and authors of hobby use shifted to DAZ and other 3DCG applications or Japanese made 3DCG hobby applications etc.
    Many of my friend's POSER bloggers closed their blogs.
    I always think, how long will I be able to continue POSER blog?
    How much can I connect users around me after POSER 12 comes out?
    I am extremely worried about the future development of POSER.

  • @mne I understand. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Smith Micro's biggest problem is it's tendency to secrecy. But really, you have to MAKE the public want your next product, not make them wonder if you're no longer in production.

  • The trouble is if SM announce what they are planning. half the vocal community will say it's not what they should be doing and there are other features they should be working on, half will start arguing that the new features should be exactly like those in their favourite non poser software and half will say they are not going to upgrade for those features.

    Yes, this is 3 halves but some people will be in more than one camp. From reading multiple forums, the negativity by so many of the poser community really means there seems little point in announcing in advance new features as they are going to be generally derided, so how can SM get people wanting the new upgrade in advance?

  • @j-naylor73 Problem is that we, as their customers, do give them, at least, a general idea of what they should be working on. We do it for two years. We're still doing it. And frankly, all you have to do to shut most of us up would simply be a general acknowledgement that they hear our complaints and suggestions.

  • Well, let's stay positiv ;-) This silence might mean, that they'll come along with something big spectacular of which they cannot talk about yet.

  • like, finally remembering which items in the Hierarchy Window are collapsed and which are not? :D :D: D:

    Space: The final frontier.
    These are the voyages of the Starship Poserprise.
    Its continuing mission to finally remember the hierarchy item's collapsed state...
    to boldly go where no man has gone before---


  • @karina Oh Karina, I have been praying for a fully collapsed Hierarchy Editor when Poser is opened, but at least remembering what's been collapsed after creating and saving a scene, would at least be half the battle won.

  • Well it's already implemented in the code for the "Parameter Groups" !!!

            groupNode WhateverName
                collapsed 1
                parmNode xyz
                parmNode etc

    How much effort would it take to include a similar parameter for the hierarchy window?

    All we need now is another William Wallace in the Poser Team, to fight it at the battle of Prestonpans to finally make it stick!
    Otherwise our next event might be Culloden...


  • I really would like to see at least one good human figure with a nice geometry, a lot of well made morphs and easy to work with in order that artists and merchants be motivated to develop a lot of related content: hair, characters, clothes, poses, etc.

  • I need a tool to make 3D clouds and fog. Also localized or 3D scattered object with edge blending (soft edge). And this should also work if objects with transparency are in this 3D fog.
    3D scattering is realy not good in poser.