Using tags to search the library

  • I have a lot of poses that have names like pose 1, pose 2. Very helpful in finding the pose you have in mind. I understand it can be hard to come up with unique names. I thought I would add tags to some to help me find them. I simply put the term run in the tags of a few poses. However, I can't get them to show up under the search. Any time I select the run tag, it finds nothing. How do you use tags to search your runtimes?

  • No way am I letting this thread die a no reply death.
    As far as I know, the Search only uses names. In fact the way it searches is almost frustrating at times. If you added a tag word to a folder at least it should come up with the folder. I know this is simplistic but did you reload your library? By the way I use my Chrome browser for my library. Now if I add an item, I can either reload the library or a faster method is to shut my browser off, restart it and it's done in roughly two seconds. Try it with chrome or firefox and see what happens.

  • The problem is, I don't want to search through folders. My example was of a running pose. I know I have 2 or 3 running poses in a folder labeled 101 superhero poses (all names superhero 01 etc.). If I run a search and all it finds is the folder, I still have to scroll through the 101 poses for 3. There is a tag option in the search page but I can't seem to get it to work.