Import Genesis 8 and its animation just to use IK and export back to Daz3D.

  • Bit of a background to explain what's going on.
    I managed to convert some UE4 animations to Genesis 8 and I have everything figured out... except feet sliding.

    The idea I have is to import Gensis 8 animation to with sliding feet, use IK to lock them in place, bake it to animation and export back to Daz3D.

    Would something like this be feasible?

  • No idea about the import and export of Genesis 8. As you describe it above it won't work as IK moves the bones based on the relationship of the end points to the target. In this case feet to hip. The biggest problem you are going to run into is the animation already has each joint movement already defined. How easy it will be to correct is hard to guess without looking at the movement graphs. But as a minimum you will probably need to remove all the thigh and shin movements since they are overridden by the IK channel. Then you will need to adjust each foot to be where you want it to be at the frame you want it to be at (and since the foot is the target in IK chain) it will remain there until you move the foot again, no sliding. In Poser the Hip is the end point for the Feet IK chain. You can move the foot within limits and the leg bones will follow. Same for the Hip.

    Now lets say you like the upper body movements and the location of the hips during the animation then deleting all the movements of the legs won't be an issue. Once you delete the leg movements (and you have IK off) if you play the animation the legs will just hang there moving with the hips. Turn on IK and the feet will point to where the IK target (foot bone) is located. At this point you will move along the time line and place a foot at a location and move further down the time line and place the other foot. Back and forth and you will have no foot slide. Turn Off IK and turn it back On which will create Key Frames for all the other leg parts. Resample Key Frames with a value of 1 for each frame and it will create a Key Frame for each movement at the point where the joint is and not the Spline guess. This locks in all the movements.

    The biggest issue with all this is the length of the bones has to match the target otherwise you will get sliding again, so no scaling after you create the movements.

  • Sounds fine to me.

    The way I understand it I could do the following:

    1. Copy leg's poses from first frame
    2. Cleared their animations
    3. Pasted back the poses to first frame only
    4. Locked the feet with IK.
    5. Let the hip movement animated them accordingly.

    Am I getting this right?

  • For the most part that is correct. The biggest thing is that you will need to move each foot at the proper time along the time line. The step 5 part is the hip will move (as long as you leave the movements for it in there), and if you do not move the feet then they will start to point backwards. By placing the foot at the correct spot ahead of the hip then the leg will bend properly as the hip approach's and passes by.

  • Do you mean like manually moving each feet into exact same spot each frame?

  • Thinking about it you could leave at least some of the foot movements in instead deleting all of them. Since Key Frames override IK on the frame they are placed, As you move through the time line make note of the frame where the foot is where that looks correct and delete all the frames in between the frames you like. That way the foot will remain locked in placed as you use the IK. Once you do that then do what I suggested above and it should be what you want no foot slide.