EZDome - a new Skydome/Environment Sphere from SnarlyGribbly

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    Thank you, that's too much honour. I am very pleased to see this incorporated in your skydome. I'm happy I could make a small contribution to your amazing tool.

    Best regards,


  • Perhaps as another additon to the shadowcatching plane :
    Because the plane has a diffuse shader, it get also colored by the skydome or background environment. When the sky is normally grey or blue ( or perhaps an apocaliptic red) then the plane can be a bit more blue than the background.
    I use a colormix node with a yellowish color to compensate that :


    The color is found by trial, with a grey sky you won't even need it.


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    @bopperthijs Added in build 059 :-)
    Thank you!


  • Great job!

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    @Miss-B It's hard to say when it will be available as there are still some issues to iron out. Also, the user guide will need to be updated and I don't have time to do that right now.

    The primary issue is that the image shadowcatcher plane does not always align 100% with the background. That is what the U and V offsets are for: to 'nudge' the shadowcatcher a little to make it match up. I think there should be a better solution though...

    Still, if you would like to test it and are prepared to help by providing feedback, then just email me and I'll send you a beta copy of the new version. NB: There are no instructions yet!

  • @Snarlygribbly Geeze, I wish I had the time, but there are several CAs at HiveWire who keep me pretty busy beta testing their products. Thanks for the offer though, and if my time frees up a bit in the near future, I may just take you up on it. ~smile~

  • @Snarlygribbly
    Hi Snarly,

    Can I help with betatesting?



  • There you go Snarly. The guy who came up with the plan wants to beta test it for you. You couldn't do better, IMHO. ~wink~

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    If you get it, and i am pretty sure you will, can you try it with a real high resolution sIBL like Bryant Park. We get some ghosting close to merge zone and that is where we are looking for a solution. I think it has to do with the perspective view (the ground plane going from close to far, projecting the ground plane differently from the skydome at the back. You can correct it with a combination of x-scale, z-scale and offset. But automating that would help the users.
    I can send you an example if you would like to see what I mean

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    @bopperthijs said in EZDome - a new Skydome/Environment Sphere from SnarlyGribbly:

    Can I help with betatesting?

    Drop me an email and I'll send a copy to you by return.

  • Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any ideas of what they would do if they could improve EZ Dome? I would add a moon lamp for rendering night scenes. Of course, the alternative to that would be to simply dim the sun lamp to moon light level. Anybody know how to do that?

  • @eclark1849 Changing the sun light is easy enough - change it to bluish or yellowish then reduce the intensity to 20% or whatever. But are there any sIBL images of night scenes - I certainly don't recall them. If you are not using them as skydomes as well, it's easy enough to reduce the intensity of the images. Go into the outside dome, reduce the ambient value to whatever you want. I don't know if snarly ever fixed the issue with the gain setting knocking out the colour settings, but I always rewire the image channel directly to the ambient node rather than letting it go through all of those optional adjustment nodes. However, if the problem HAS been fixed, you could adjust the RGB values to add more blue to the night image. And I strongly suggest that if you're going to start with a daylight image and fake it, that you start with one with a blue or polarised sky.

  • Does EZDome create it's own library to read HDRIs or can I point it to a folder where I keep my HDRIs I've downloaded? If it does create it's own library, how do I add ?HDRIs to that library? Can I load them manually or do i have to import them one at a time? Or maybe a batch import?

  • Ooops, never mind. Found the answer in the User Guide.

  • @eclark1849 I have a PDF User Guide I believe Snarly included with the EZDome download, which explains the steps you would need to do to get a HDRi set up for use with EZDome. I don't think there's a way to do it in batch mode. I believe each one is added as you use them.

    Edited to Add: And that's what I get for not checking all the posts.

  • Does EZDome work in Poser 2014? I had a scene set up using EZDome and it rendered quite nicely. Except for the background. It's all white. But the dome nd HDR image is there. You can see it in preview.

  • @eclark1849 there is a way to add the ones you find on-line. I haven't used EZdome for a while but I remember it was pretty easy.

  • @ghostship Thanks. Already found the answer though.

  • I'm testing something, in firefly :

    i did put a starry night map on the outer sphere, and i did put a sky of dawn map on inner sphere.
    I added a mask of transparency (high transparency on blue sky, and none on zone around the sun and the sun) on inner sphere this way i see the stars throught the sky !

    But, it seems that when i render my scene in IDL, i don't have a very good effect.
    I probably shouldn't do this this way, someone can confirm ?


  • @barnardino said in EZDome - a new Skydome/Environment Sphere from SnarlyGribbly:

    night map on the outer sphere, and i did put a sky of dawn map on inner sphere

    Hmmm... I'm probably not the best one to answer this, but I'll give it a try. I'm not sure what you mean when you say it doesn't have a very good effect. You might post an image. In the meantime make sure your gamma is set correctly. Your trans map should have a gamma of 1. If the Outer Dome is an hdr, its gamma should be 1 as well.