EZDome - a new Skydome/Environment Sphere from SnarlyGribbly

  • @Miss-B This is what I get. "This site can’t be reached
    www.snarlygribbly.org took too long to respond.
    Search Google for snarly gribbly org forum index
    ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT". Not quite the same thing. All the links that I found for that domain give me the same error message. It is not some mistaken message interpertation. Pinging the site and it's branches fully fail. I don't get a few replies and a fail. All pings fail. For those who don't know. If the ping fails there is no communication between point A and Point B. As I said before. I personally have been having issues accessing sites. This issue has been getting worse lately. This does not mean that the site in question has a problem. The problem is at my end. Diagnosing the issues has proven that the issues is not on my computer. All computers at this site have the same issues with the same sites. It's not my router. I took the router out and connected directly with the same results. Antenna connects or I wouldn't have any internet. I can't access the ISP myself to check what is happening there. So that is as far as I can get with this issue other than getting another provider. The only other one that I know of for sure. Is through dial-up. And since there are no land lines near me. That would cost more than I am willing to pay for such low speeds. Same thing with cable. For both I would have to pay to have at least three miles of cable put in. With at least one major road that would have to be dug up in the process. Yes, it would all be underground the entire way. And with the phone line. I would also have to get a permit to remove about one and a half miles of trees. These trees are packed in as close as possible. That belong to someone else. Don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. Which is why I asked about an alternative site to download. It being the easiest route and the cheapest that was available right now.

  • @ladydrakana What happens if you use a different browser?

  • @eclark1849 Makes no difference. As I said pings fail. I get "requested timed out". 100% loss. You might want to look that up to see what it means. But the short version is. My computer sent out a request to a site. That site did not respond. You know, like no one answered the phone. You can call them as many times as you like. But if they don't pick up. It does not matter how may different phones you call them from. You will get the same results.

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    Hello. Please note that a major ISP in France has blocked access to ALL sites hosted by my ISP. It's not just snarlygribbly.org that is affected, it is all sites hosted by this ISP. There's nothing I can do about it just yet, until I move to another ISP, something I am in the process of doing. If you're not in France, a similar explanation may still be responsible for the difficulties.

  • @Snarlygribbly Not only in france, I'm afraid... I'm in Italy, and that link displays the same text "Nothing to see here, move along now ...".
    On the other hand, http://snarlygribbly.org/snarlyspace/ezdome.html, is available.

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    @fonpaolo No, that means you have access. There really is nothing to see in the root folder and that message was put there by me to tell you so :)

  • @Snarlygribbly As I said, you definitely have a sense of humor. ~wink~

  • @Snarlygribbly Big time thank you for the shadow catcher.


    It works great in Superfly.

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    @Snarlygribbly You are right. For some reason till 1-2 months ago, i could not access your site. Was pretty annoying, because how you mention, not only your site was blocked.
    Now, yes, so something has changed in France or with your site :)

  • @Snarlygribbly said in EZDome - a new Skydome/Environment Sphere from SnarlyGribbly:

    @fonpaolo No, that means you have access. There really is nothing to see in the root folder and that message was put there by me to tell you so :)

    Oh ... lol. Ok, I think I looked at it too quickly.

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