Poser crashes (stay on) while render starting process

  • yes I have this problem once in a while too. W7 Ultimate CPU render.

  • You people use a Wacom Pen&Touch by any chance and use the pen to activate the render button?
    I had same sort of issue with Superfly and found it had to do with my hand holding the pen clicking the button causing mixed commands sent to Poser causing Poser to freeze up while rendering.
    I suggested Wacom to add an option to the application specific settings to ignore touch input while that application is active.
    They responded it may appear in the next driver version.

  • @F_Verbaas No but I have a problem with my mouse button that sounds similar to that problem you had with the wacom tab. The button lets go and double click by itself sometimes.

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    Do you have separate process on in General Preferences?

  • I don't have a tablet nor problems with the mouse clicking.

    I do have the separate process turned on. Will have to try with it off.

  • @redphantom after the last update when they made separate process available for Superfly, it was discovered that render times are much slower with it checked (Superfly) I have it turned off on my system.

  • @F_Verbaas
    Yes I have a Wacom Pen&Touch. But I do not start the render with it. In poser I only work with the mouse.
    Yes I also habe the problemwith the mouse by-itself-double-click of the mouse when I click on anything in the libery.

  • maybe it helps if i uncheck this options?0_1477059204921_Unbenannt-1.jpg

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    I'm having the same problem. Grrrrhhhh!
    I do have a wacom so I'll try clicking the render button with my mouse.

  • Heh, @joker at least you get to the "Sample 0..." part of the render process. I get stuck at "Starting..."

    I also use the WACOM, but I do use the mouse not the pen.

  • @dlfurman

    Yes, before I made the last update I also get stuck at starting. Since I made the update I get the stuck while it's loading the maps or updating objects.
    but I never get a stuck as soon as it's path tracing. from this point it works perfectly.

    but since I do not switch to another software while it's loading the render process. I think it does not happen so often.

    I also have unchecked the tablet mode and scroll zoom now and I give attention to not touching the WACON while it's loading the render process....

    maybe its helps. I will see

  • Ok, update on my end. I upgraded my NVIDIA drivers to the latest version (I have a GTX 750 and updated to the 357.57 version drivers) and got SUPERFLY to do an small area render on ANDY.

    More testing to come.

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    Just a note that I upgraded my NVIDIA drivers within the last week and it still has the problem.

  • The same version v. 357.57?? I don't know how often NVIDIA updates but this driver is from 2 days ago. I also used the GeForce Experience app to update. I dunno....

  • Apologies for the inconvenience. Robustness of starting SuperFly renders should be improved in the next update.

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    Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the update.

  • @Uli-Klumpp

    Oh, cool thank you :-)

    Apropos update. It would be very cool if in the hirarchy was a botton to close all folders in the root of the hirachry. If I have complex scenes it's a lot of works to close manualy all the root folders everytime when I load a file. I need them closed to have a overview.

    thank you very much

  • Thanks for letting us know.

  • Hello

    I hope the next update can fix this issue: stay on while the render starting process

    I have more experience with this issues now

    • It only happens in "aerea rendering". Not in normal or background rendering.
    • I can not find any logic when it happens, but It happens on average once in 20 times by aerea rendering.
    • it always stay on at this point: "Sample 0 Updating: Copying Transformations to device"

    I realy hope the next update can fix this issue. Its realy annoying. I must shut doen poser and restart poser. It takes much time.

    best regards