Poser crashes (stay on) while render starting process

  • Ok, update on my end. I upgraded my NVIDIA drivers to the latest version (I have a GTX 750 and updated to the 357.57 version drivers) and got SUPERFLY to do an small area render on ANDY.

    More testing to come.

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    Just a note that I upgraded my NVIDIA drivers within the last week and it still has the problem.

  • The same version v. 357.57?? I don't know how often NVIDIA updates but this driver is from 2 days ago. I also used the GeForce Experience app to update. I dunno....

  • Apologies for the inconvenience. Robustness of starting SuperFly renders should be improved in the next update.

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    Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the update.

  • @Uli-Klumpp

    Oh, cool thank you :-)

    Apropos update. It would be very cool if in the hirarchy was a botton to close all folders in the root of the hirachry. If I have complex scenes it's a lot of works to close manualy all the root folders everytime when I load a file. I need them closed to have a overview.

    thank you very much

  • Thanks for letting us know.

  • Hello

    I hope the next update can fix this issue: stay on while the render starting process

    I have more experience with this issues now

    • It only happens in "aerea rendering". Not in normal or background rendering.
    • I can not find any logic when it happens, but It happens on average once in 20 times by aerea rendering.
    • it always stay on at this point: "Sample 0 Updating: Copying Transformations to device"

    I realy hope the next update can fix this issue. Its realy annoying. I must shut doen poser and restart poser. It takes much time.

    best regards