Poser cloth room memory issue

  • I know Poser has had it's moments in the cloth room, but this one was a doozy. A single item of dynamic clothing (.obj) already fitted to the character, 22,000 verts. The simulation ran 1 frame then stopped, so I checked task manager to see what was going on as to resource usage. Poser was using 57Gb of RAM... how much does it need? I restarted Poser after closing it, tried again, Poser crashed the second I hit run on the simulation.

  • OK, the cloth has a geometry issue that Poser doesn't know what to do with (can't figure out which way to move something). That's fine, it happens. I finally got Poser to behave normally and just say the sim failed with a memory usage of no more than 8% of RAM. Why it didn't so that the first time (instead of using 57Gb of RAM) or crashed at the start the second time, I don't know.

  • What type of subdivision was used in the model? How many verts per face? The cloth room can cope with a lot, but some forms of subdivision, like the one that Marvelous Designer uses by default, can sometimes give it fits. Mixed face-vert counts are bad, too, and can cause puckering or other weirdness. (High density quads or tris give good results, though tris can sometimes cause issues with mats/rendering, so quads are preferred. "Butterflies" are... just not a good choice. (Forget the sub-d algorithm for that one.)

    Also, if the cloth intersects itself from the start, there can be issues. If it intersects collision objects from the start, there can be issues. (Usually "jumping" or "crimping" during draping, the general nastiness during the rest.) It's fairly tolerant, but when it isn't... it really isn't. :)