EZDome, Sibl, and ground shadows

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    I'm an eternal beginner and really enjoy playing with SIBL and EZDome (thanks SnarlyGribbly !) and Superfly. I'm trying to make a realistic picture and try to scale Ryan, put it on floor and see his shadow on ground. To see the shadow i add a ground plane. On firefly, i can check "cast shadow only" in the material of the ground and i'm done.


    In superfly, it renders the ground. I tryed to make it transparent, but the shadows is not visible if fully transparent, and picture is foggy if not fully transparent...


    How would you do that with SuperFly ? Is there an other way than rendering the shadow in firefly in a separate image, and post process the SuperFly Render with that shadow ?

    Thanks !

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    Unfortunately Superfly does not support Shadowcasting - which is what Firefly does and what you want.
    It is a much requested feature and apparently not easily implemented.
    You can get a faint shadow if you make the ground plane a very thin glass material and use a gradient to fade it in the distance. You can read https://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/?thread_id=2907075 to see how it works. Be aware though that it is not real shadowcastng

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    I stumbled onto this "work around" which is what you are doing. You will never get a clear dark shadow with this "fake" technique unless you brighten the lighting quite a bit. Hopefully SM will incorporate this feature in future releases.