How to group vector lines

  • Hi, this is a feature I found really useful in Illustrator, you would select a number of vector lines and then go ctrl+G and they would become a group that you could move altogether or resize etc. In case you want to modify anything with that group you'd just double click with the pointer and then the group could be edited.

    Is there any tool or feature similar in Clip Studio Paint?

  • You cannot group them in Clip Studio. You can individually select a set of vector lines but you cannot then save them as a group. Nearest I can think of is to put all the vectors you want to group on their own layer.

  • @888toto Thank you for your answer. Yes so far I can only think of separating them in layers. The problem appears when for example two figures overlap, say, two human drawings, and say I want to shrink one of them but not the other, it is a pain to select every single trace of each figure trying not to touch the other one. Sigh.