Poser crashes...

  • The short strokes.....no version of Poser (starting with 1 way back in 95(?)) have ever worked reasonably well for me.

    The long, drawn out stuff...I first tried Poser when it appeared on a CD in a graphics magazine way back when. It was kinda interesting and I could see it''s usefulness (I've been a professional graphic artist for 40 years now) but it sure was unstable. Back then a lot of software was pretty touchy so I didn't think it strange. I kept my eye on it and tried the trial versions when they came out but experienced the same instability. I used Intel computers at work and had an AMD box at home (cheaper ya know) giving me a variety of computers to try it on but that seemed to make no difference. It would crash from different operations but it still crashed...a lot...all the time...making it unusable for real production work.

    A few years ago as I went from full time work to part time (and a nice government pension), I decided to make content for Poser/Daz, mostly Vicky Four. I'd been using Daz3D for a while but didn't think of it as a real graphics program. It had too many goofy problems for me to take it seriously. I'd been a Blender user for many years and knew 3D pretty well. I went and bought Poser Pro 2014 assuming that I'd get help from SM if it proved to be as crash prone as the older versions.
    I was wrong....and really wrong. It was as ill behaved as all the versions I'd tried up till then. SM gave me lots of advice, none of which made a difference. I had it installed on my AMD computer at home and two computers at work (as a trial) and none of them was decently stable. SM kept telling me that the next update would fix all my problems. They didn't. I dutifully applied all four (or five?) updates over the following year and was left with software that I just couldn't use. Sometimes it'd run for a full half hour or so then pow, some pixel or vertex somewhere would take it down and that scene (painstakingly assembled) would then crash almost instantly from then on. I finally gave up and asked (politely) for my money back. They refused and I got mean and nasty. Finally they stopped answering my emails and kicked me out of the forum because I became abusive here.

    It's now been a couple of years and while I've given Daz the old college try, It has too many shortcomings to be used for content creation...at least to me. Poser is a great tool...when it works. Is there any hope? I followed Erogenesis's blog as he worked on project E and really felt for him as he fought with the program. There has to be a way to get the thing to run reasonably well. My graphics computer does not go online, has no antivirus, firewalls or excess junk bogging it down. It's a nice, clean and stable system. Daz will run for weeks without a glitch. I'd be somewhat happy if Poser would at least run a few hours between lock-ups or crashes. Is this possible? I love playing with the figures and making stuff, but am looking at just getting back into game modding if I can't get the darned thing working right this time.

  • I've not had your issue. Sure it crashes occasionally. I will admit it is the most crash prone piece of software I have, but I suspect it is more quirky than unstable. I can have it run non stop for days without problems, then have one scene lock it up, crash it, freeze the whole system, take all my RAM (on subsequent attempts) before I realise that Poser just can't handle one aspect of the scene... but it won't tell me which part (the new event log is really good... unless the program crashes because the log is cleared on restart). It is annoying, and frustrating, but it is still WAY better than the alternative (Studio) IMHO. They may well give it away for free... I wouldn't use it if they PAID me. Poser and Blender work nicely with each other if you can get your head around the quirks.
    I have no intention of asking for my money back, and to answer your last question as to whether it is possible to run Poser for a few hours without it crashing, the answer is yes, if an average computer user like me can manage it for days at a time (since Poser 7). Check the threads here about the render times... you don't get renders running 30 hours plus if the software crashes every few hours...

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    I've been using Poser since the early days of Poser 5, on windows based machines, both intel and amd, and it has always been pretty stable for me. I do get the occasional crash but they are very rare. I currently have Poser 7, Poser Pro 2012, Poser Pro 2014 Game Dev, and Poser Pro 11 installed on this AMD windows 7 64bit machine that is connected to the internet and a nearly full hard drive. I can run Poser for days on end without requiring a reboot and I still don't get crashes. I'm also a content creator and do a lot of morphing, rigging and weight mapping inside Poser with virtually no problems. Working in other software and switching between it and Poser also does not cause me any problems. The last time Poser crashed on me was during a test render a few weeks ago and it was most likely my fault. Before that I honestly can't remember the last time it crashed.

    I have more problems with Windows than Poser. For that matter ZBrush crashes on me much more frequently than Poser ever does and even ZBrush is pretty stable.

    If Poser is truly that unstable for you then there has to be a problem with how you have it installed or something to do with your system. You didn't state what your system specs are or if you're running any sort of custom/rare configuration, so it is anyone's guess what the problem could be.

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    So sorry to hear about all your issues.

    The only remark I have is a rather simple one and it will not solve your problems => : Poser is very-very-very, yes extremely stable here. "WHAW, What a statement" I hear you say.

    First of all, I run "default Windows10, 1607, 64 bit systems".
    Second, i always do a "default" Poser installation. (default path for app and content files)
    Third, and some will bite me in the nose for this, => Stay away from add-on scripts. Keep Poser a virgin.
    Some might save you a second here or there, but at the cost of crashes later on.

    The only thing I do to get a "rock-stable system" is make my own content from A to B.

    Because, when I load , "mostly the older content", I can make it crash at will.

    There is some very - very- good content out there, but there is a LOT of content (and that can go from badly rigged or welded obj files, to wildly intersection geometries, to loose groups, to bad textures, to => You name it. => It WILL crash Poser in a blink of an eye.

    But since you are a Blender guy, please take a look at the "Poser2Blender2Poser" series on YouTube.
    Start from video1, => the correct import-export settings between both apps.
    Then, take special care in VIDEO 4. => Do not look at it, but study it.
    Then go back and check your content files.

    Since I started making my own content, I have not had a single crash for months in a row any more.

    Strange huh !

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    My workflow is also pretty standard.

    Blender to model, create the mat zones and the vertex groups.
    Poser to rig
    Blender to draft paint or project paint, and Krita to create layered textures, and then back to Blender to bake them out if required.
    And the free cr2editor if I need to do surgery in a cr2 LOL.

    On my poor 6GB of RAM, Blender, Poser, and Krita are always open, and I alt-tab between them like crazy. LOL.

    Best regards.

    Perhaps? ? Who knows? ? Run "cCleaner.exe" a few times in a row? ? it's free and does a great job at keeping the system in shape.

  • Hi there

    As above I'm sorry to you have issues with Poser
    I've been using Poser from I think Poser version 8,this version has been installed on PC in our work and I started to learn and use it and i must admit I loved straight away

    Regarding the AMD or Intel PC,there are few issues which you need to iron out which shouldn't be very hard,I would recommend as start to install all drivers,if you do use Windows 10,please switch to Windows 7,I've reinstalled 3 PC which has been equipped with AMD CPU to Windows 7 as Windows 10 hasn't been stable,friends use most of those PC for normal works and one friend using his as main render/folding machine

    I've used for while W10 switched to W7 again as I've lots of issues with AutoDesk SW like 3DS MAX,AutoCAD and Maya too,they're crashed a lot and I think is down to the NET. Framework,regarding Poser and W10 this I never tested and DS crashed few times in row with W10

    Can you post what error did you get with Poser,usually there is error,I would say can be main problem which I've encountered with PP2014 has been NTDLL.DLL which has been down to HDD and few scenes,second main thing with some SR I've too issues which I found hasn't been stable

    Regarding the lockups and crashed,I never have issues with lockups with my,only last week I suffered with freeze of my PC which has been down to bloody drivers from NVIDIA,but Poser crashed too few times unexpectedly,but this has been down to my old scene which has been corrupted as I've tried to recover m scene from broken HDD

    Hope this helps


  • Thanks for the answers. It's nice to hear from folks who have been successful.
    I don't see the computer architecture as being the problem since I've tried it on many different computers, both Intel and AMD based with a variety of video cards including a couple of high end Matrox graphics cards at work. None of the computers ever go online making them clean, and free of antivirus and firewall junk. I use Process Explorer to keep tabs on what's going on behind the scenes, and have all non-essential Windows services disabled. Because the software environment is tightly controlled (only graphic programs), I know I don't have any junk causing my problems.
    My Windows installs, because they're clean and junk free, are absolutely and completely rock solid. I install new graphics drivers after letting others 'test' them for several months. I never install anything just because it's new. I wait and see what kind of experience others have. I didn't go with Windows 10 and am glad I didn't.
    I arrange my computers as follows... The C: drive gets Windows 7 64 bit AND NOTHING ELSE. I have a small SSD for this making boot times fast (a few seconds from POST to the desktop). D: is another SSD and contains all programs only. I then have a couple of big conventional drives for data and swap files. Programs are NOT allowed to use the C: drive to store shit. I give them a spot on the big drives. Daz3D is particularly insistent about using the C: drive but it finally knuckled under in the face of many threats (and my big fist). All my other programs run just fine with this arrangement. Adobe Premiere Pro and it's media encoder can get 'snippy' about this but I'm doing more and more of my video in Blender as it's video capability improves. I should mention that Daz will run (literally) for weeks with no problems.
    I discussed this with SM and they insisted that such an arrangement was just fine as long as Poser knew where everything was. This really only consists of the content and it's temp file. My content is pretty much all Vicky Fourpointtwoplusplus and her massive wardrobe. At home I like to 'play' with her and Mike and...well let's just not get too nosey about that. At work I use the mannequins and simple flight controls I've made in Blender. This sits inside simple wireframe airplanes that are animated to use in online lessons for aircrew training. Even this simple stuff; and mostly self made stuff, has it's share of crashes. I keep thinking about just doing it all in Blender but I'd really like to get Poser working, mostly because of the weird stuff I do at home. I have to admit that one of the main reasons I'm pushing Poser again is because I've lost patience with Iray and Daz's selfish insistence on keeping any knowledge of making shaders to content creators only. I've tried to make a nice nylon for stockings such as the one's made by Bagginsbill, but have had little success. Daz is absolutely no help. They want to sell me shaders. The bulk of the Iray shaders for nice fabrics (satins, silks) don't really resemble what they're supposed to be. Poser is so much more open about this sort of thing. Using an open source render engine is a huge/big/massive advantage to me.
    And yes, I know that much of this is just whining and venting.

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    I found Poser Pro 2014 on Win7 Pro, like PP2012 & PP2010, to be rock solid. One of the most stable apps I was using, & I was throwing a lot of polygons at it. Switched to Win10 & still no problems.

    The only stability issues I've had with Poser 11 have been with beta versions & a couple of early SR's. I've had more stability issues with Photoshop, Silo & Zbrush than Poser.

  • @caisson
    What are your computer's technical specs? Do you install with all default settings?
    Thanks for your input.

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    @pleasejustwork - first off, I'm not very techie at all ;)

    I've got an i7 6 core processor that's about 3 years old with 32GB RAM (though I've never seen Poser use anything like that amount, 12GB is probably the most a render has used) on an Asus P9X79 Pro motherboard. Started with Win7 Pro but switched to Win10 about a year ago. Only got 2 HDD's, 600GB one I stick all software and current projects on and a 3TB one I use for storage (including most of my runtimes). Graphics is an ageing GTX660Ti with 3GB VRAM.

    All Win10 updates are installed, & I keep video drivers up to date as well. Machine is plugged into internet all the time (I use a number of apps that validate) though I rarely use it for web browsing.

    I currently have 3 versions of Poser installed with current SR's, PP2014 plus Poser Pro 11 release version & beta version. Both release versions are default install to Programs folder, the beta sits on C outside of Programs folder.

    The only time I deal with tech stuff is if something doesn't work right or I need to do something specific. The rest of the time I don't care :D

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    I've seen much too much people loosing their runtimes this yer. So, even if you're not really techie, and if your hard disks are 3 years old too, be sure to have a full backup on a temporarily plugged external hard disk....
    This year, I've lost 8 months of Poser scenes the day I wanted to refresh my backup...

    Just my two cents... ;-)

  • Had Poser crash ("We're sorry, Poser.exe has stopped working and needs to close.") while looking at render settings with nothing open last night. I then built a scene with Vicky dressed in lots of clothes, posing in a room with lots of props and set it to render at a high quality setting. This morning it's still grinding away and looks good. I like that the GUI is still responsive (Iray left my computer completely unresponsive while it worked) and that the initial render (Superfly) with default lights looks pretty good. I also like that the render looks very much like the preview.
    Could it be that I need to push Poser hard to make it work well? I've got 'Greenshot' running and will take screenshots of any problems that crop up.

  • Like I said, Poser is quirky. I sometimes think of it as the trusty farm dog... wants to do the right thing but needs clear instructions or it runs in circles. Have a look at the other thread on render speeds and you'll see some of that. I ran a render overnight with GPU and CPU at 90% plus and had no problem. In another scene I tried to remove a prop ( a necklace from V4) and Poser crashed...

  • @piersyf

    I've had the same symptom...

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    @Y-Phil - Thanks, it is on my radar but comes down to available funds - maybe after the festive season has passed :D

  • @caisson said in Poser crashes...:

    @Y-Phil - Thanks, it is on my radar but comes down to available funds - maybe after the festive season has passed :D


  • It's been five days without a crash, maybe threatening my install did the trick. Of course now I'm running into the problem of unlearning my Daz3D workflow and habits and replacing them with Poser versions. The biggest thing I notice is that the cameras move the way cameras should. I never did get them to work right in Daz3D, they seemed to move and rotate around everything except the selected item...argh!

  • @pleasejustwork The Poser crashes and I have come to an understanding. Poser is going to crash at random and I am not going to let it affect my work. I save often so if it crashes it's no big deal.

  • 10 crashes in half an hour. I think I have identified a problem!
    PoserPro11 has a problem saving scenes. I just spent almost an hour trying to delete elements from a scene that was set up and textured in PP11. Whenever I got to a specific prop, Poser crashed. It even crashed once before the splash screen had finished loading on start-up on one occasion. I began to suspect that the file had been corrupted, but to test I opened it in PPGameDev. Although I got the warning about the scene being from a later version, GameDev deleted that prop (and all others) easily and quickly, and saved the progress between deletions much fast that PP11 had been.
    I can only offer a suspicion of a read/write issue with PP11 in regards to scenes.