Poser 11 SuperFly Benchmark/Scene

  • Hi guys

    As I've said on thread "test scene for SuperFly speed" I'm in middle porting one scene which I've been able to post over here as Benchmark/scene,Corona devs allowed me to port this scene and here is it

    Guys I would like to say from start,this only benchmark and should be taken as benchmark,scene is bigger and can take up to 1.2GB VRAM from yours GPU,in CPU mode be prepared to render bit longer,with my GPU's (GTX 1080 and Titan X) render times are in 1 hour 25 minutes range,on CPU I would recommend to use 32 bucket size or larger(64 max I would say should be enough guys),for GPU this depends I render up to 100 samples and you should too render up to 100 samples

    I will post my render settings and I render up to 1920x1200 and at 100 samples guys,I've included there light setup and sample render setup,scene is intended to be used only with SF

    And regarding other renderers,I would like to reiterate,you shouldn't compare times between any two different renderers as my scene is simplified scene and some parameters and features are not translated to SF and due this I would like to stress out this

    You will need EZDome and all textures are included and I've added there all important files

    Link on the benchmark is here

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1iila7oyyow77du/SF Test Scene V2.zip?dl=0

    and rendered image

    0_1477356083290_SF Test Scene V2 resized.jpg

    If you have any questions please let me know


  • I just want to add as I forgot,this scene or model is of courtesy of Ludvík Koutný and I would like to thanks Ludvík Koutný for allowing me to use his model and I would like to thanks Corona Render devs team for allowing me port this scene


  • Thank you for this. Very good that you included a version of the pz3 scene with internal geometry for all the objects.

    Once I'd positioned the included textures (which didn't include the VinceBagna Wood Supershaders; I assume these are commercial), and duplicated and renamed the Tiled_8921_BrightContrasty wood grain images to take their place, and worked out how to turn a bump map into a normal map for the wood, and replaced all the windows format absolute path references with colon separated Runtime relative paths (I'm on a Mac and spend 75% of my Poser time hand editing poser files, so this was always something I expected to do and have no problem doing), I had a working scene whose preview render proved to be gratifyingly similar to your posted image. Great! :-)

    Curious to see how the environment beyond the window was constructed, I was surprised to find that I couldn't preview the Apartment_Diffuse.hdr image used on the EZInner and EZOuter props in the Material Room. Poser normally has no problem previewing Radiance HDR and OpenEXR files, so I went looking at the image file itself and discovered it is Borked™ Bigtime! Most of my image apps, including Photoshop, and an online HDR to EXR converter wouldn't touch it (it's only 82k, a wee bit small for an HDR environment file, I thought).

    So looking back at the scene in poser, I found that the scene visible through the window is simply the WintersDay.jpg on the Plane005 prop which sits outside and adjacent to the transparent window glass and has its Light Emitter attribute turned on. OK, that's fine, even if my preference is to be able to make use of interior environment scene as places for poser figures to interact, this is just a free, SuperFly test render scene. No biggie. But how is poser dealing with the borked image that previews as solid white on the EZDome? Good work Poser Devs, nice of you to avoid plaguing me with error messages about an image that is just being used as IBL and make it all white. :-p

    Oh, this is what the only image editor (GraphicConverter) that would touch the file says the contents look like:

    0_1478167600583_Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 8.57.47 pm.png
    Well, that could certainly work as IBL for sky above and land below...???

    Anyway, in light of what I've seen far too much of on Poser Forums since getting excited by version 1, please do not take any of my observations as personal criticism (especially the Poser Devs and Ambassadors who have made my life a whole lot more interesting, educational and fun-filled than it might otherwise have been), but as hopefully, helpful observations to improve all our lives.


  • Poser 11 on Windows 7 reported a file format error, at least, even if it didn't say which file had the error. However like @anomalaus my suspicions were aroused by the tiny HDR file, and I didn't have anything available to me that would agree to open it.

    Thanks for your effort in putting this together @jura11. Please don't take this as ingratitude, but the results we get from this scene will be more reliable if we can be sure we're all using the same data.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    My Poser 11 woudn't open the HDR file either -- immediately told me it was bad.

    Not complaining - just information. The scene is great.

  • @bagginsbill I'm running on macOS Sierra and tried creating a new image node which did tell me the HDR file was bad after I'd selected it and showed No texture in the preview, but knowing HDR should have gamma 1.0, as soon as I changed the gamma, the image node gave a solid white preview and SuperFly raised no exceptions on RTpreview or render. Maybe gamma 1 turns all checking off.

  • Hi guys

    Sorry for that,this Apartment_Diffuse is part of Starter's sIBL-Collection,here is link on that

    Regarding the one VinceBagna Wood Supershaders I forgot on that I used there one shader,I wanted to put there normal plastic material but I forgot on that

    Sorry guys for any inconvenience

    I will redo the scene and post again


  • @jura11 Thanks in advance for the update.


  • Hi guys

    Picture frame should have there VinceBagna Wood Supershaders which I will replace for simple black material or use material from Poser Pro if this helps


  • Right now uploading and should be uploaded within few minutes
    This Apartment_Diffuse have 80.3kb in total


  • Here is updated link guys and sorry for any problems or inconvenience

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ktfo3t05os36ixd/SF Test Scene V2.rar?dl=0


  • @jura11 This is great! Thank you everyone for all the feedback. And thank you Jura, very much, for this wonderful test scene!! :D

  • @mr_phoenyxx said in Poser 11 SuperFly Benchmark/Scene:

    @jura11 This is great! Thank you everyone for all the feedback. And thank you Jura, very much, for this wonderful test scene!! :D

    Hi there

    Glad you are like this scene,its has been pleasure to convert this scene and really Ludvík Koutný done awesome job on that plus Corona devs just been awesome too with allowing me to port this scene for Poser SF

    I've two other scenes which I want to convert,just waiting on other confirmations


  • @jura11 Thank you for the nice scene.
    It looked much more realistic than other scenes I've rendered previously with SuperFly.

    However, one point I noticed was that reflected images on surface of a small table were inclined, as if surface of the table was not flat.


  • @golgo17

    Hi there

    Its great little scene and great for testing,I'm doing one extra scene which I want to upload soonest as I finish that scene and I think sometimes during the week or weekend I will upload one extra test scene which is smaller and should render quickly like on CPU or any GPU

    Regarding this scene and yours points,yes it seems is inclined and this I didn't realized there,I've exported that as FBX and maybe there is problem with translation which can happens and I would like to apologize for that,sorry there for any inconvenience


  • OK guys

    I'm preparing two extra scenes which I should upload during this week or weekend,here are screenshots of how it looks,its work in progress

    Here are test renders,still are noisy and I think around 80-90 samples would nice and clear

    alt text

    alt text

    Hope this helps


  • @jura11 That bed is slight off the floor, Jura.

  • @eclark1849

    Oh, will redo that
    Still I need to rework few textures, floor is not looking good too,hopefully will be ready end of the week

    Thanks, Jura

  • Personally, I like nice shiny floors. Bagginsbill showed me how to do that for this floor, but it's for Firefly. Obviously for Superfly, I'd use a glossy shader. It also has a bump map which adds to the floors realism.
    0_1479853117528_Dawn floor2.png

  • @eclark1849

    I'm just redo the floor, will post test renders later on,I've used trick from 3DS max which should looks similarly like above uploaded scene v2

    Still few things me bother which I need to rework, like some textures are not looking good plus shaders etc,I hoping scene will be done to end of the week

    Thanks, Jura