odd behaveior with cycles mats

  • Most of the time when I replace a Poser material with a Cycles mat the texture shaded preview of the object/figure turns white. I take it this is the normal behavior for Cycles mats. Sometimes though I will change a mat to Cycles and the old texture shaded preview will stay on the item even after saving the file and re-starting the program. Some of these previews stay on the object after the mat has been saved to the mat library. It seems totally random if the mat gets a texture shaded preview or not.

  • I get that too. Don't know why. The way I avoid it is to just have a Poser surface root node with firefly checked.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    I think it's something to do with whether the preview can understand the shader; beyond a certain level of complexity it can't. I've had this in Firefly in PP2014 using multiple textures with tiling & blend masks. In P11 anything using Cycles root loses texture preview for me, and physical surface root will also lose texture preview with multiple blends or using multiple maps with offset UV values for UDIMs.