Program for converting HDR images to sIBL?

  • Thanks to ghostship for her recommendation of Snarlygribbly's incredibly useful free HDR dome for using images for fast, low render time 360 degree lighting. Unfortunately, for some odd reason it only supports sIBL format images, rather than the HDR format that appears far more popular. I have thousands of commercial images in the latter format that I really want to use. Can anyone point to a program that I can use to convert the image formats. sIBL is not supported in Photoshop or HDR finish and a quick google did not reveal any other options.
    Anyone know any advantages of sIBL over HDR or EXR?

  • @matb You can use HDR images as I mentioned in the other thread. Look at the pdf instructions for use of ezdome and HDR as light probe images on the outer dome. Use anything as the background on the inner sphere as long as it is mapped equirectangluar

  • I appreciate your speedy response and the additional info you provided in the other thread, but I am using spherical maps with the file extension .HDR and the program constantly says that it's not a valid file format. I've tried many different free HDRIs from the internet, as well as from my collection of Dosch HDRIs.

    I wonder if you are possibly confusing the HDR FILE EXTENSION for the HDRI acronym?

  • @matb see the other thread for my response.

  • @matb
    As above guys suggested you can use any HDR,JPG or any other format which is supported by Poser,HDR is best and JPG is not bad,but still I prefer HDR
    You don't need to convert any HDR to sIBL

    Hope this helps


  • I have not tried them yet but HDRI Labs has two programs for working with sIBL's. I believe sIBL Edit is for creating them and the other one called sIBL GUI probably is not much use to Poser users. link text I am very interested in "Snarlygribbly's incredibly useful free HDR dome" as well, but I would have no joy if I could not make my own sIBL's for it, because I do everything the hard way it seems. I downloaded these a couple weeks ago but have not tried them yet. New computer (Parts) on the way. I ordered everything last night, I can't do much with my current hardware situation Poserwise so everything has been on hold for awhile now.