Creating a group from a material zone

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    Also easy in Poser.

    Select the group you want to grow the har on.
    Goto the hair room
    Create new hair growth group
    Edit Growth group
    In the new box, select add => By material.

    Then set up the hair.

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    I see that technique, but you still have to pick each polygroup first ...ahead, neck ..leg ... etc ... each part of a tail ... then you choose the mat file. So basically you still have the same massive group of props you have to deal with individually. Am I missing something? I hope so.

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    Euh, no Boni, you are not missing anything;

    In Poser it is by vertex group, and then by mat zone. So yes you will have to set it up for each vertex group.

    In Blender you could create a single vertex group for the full material zone.
    But then what?

    Because now these vertes are "gone" from their original groups. => vertex order changed, and rigging is gone.
    Separate the new vertex group to new obj file? => It will not bend or follow the rigging any more.....

    So? Euh, yes, dynamic hair is by vertex group and then by material zone.

    Best regards.

  • @Boni Open the grouping tool and make a new group called "fur." Add all the materials you want to fur to the group "fur." Assign a material to this group "fur" and head for the Hair Room.

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    I am at a total loss. I did just as directed and tried to add the head, etc. to the group and it wouldn't go beyond the original polygroup I had started with. It would not add other groups to it ... is this just not possible? Do I have to just continue to have 200 individual hair groups? I want one hair group for the fur of the whole figure. I do not want to do this in Blender. I want to do this in Poser. I admit I'm a bit flustered, I do appreciate all the help offered.

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    I guess what I am asking is can you group all the vertex groups into one, apply a material zone to all of them and save as ONE fur hair group?

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    Ja, ja, ja, that can be done but.... It will not follow the rigging any more......

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    Ok, that's the kind of information I need. So the separate parts is necessary to follow the rigging. What we need is to be able to link the hair room settings to the material room, NOT to the vertexes. An entire different approach to how the hair room works. Of course that would be a different app completely. So. Now I understand the purpose of the way it is set up. Thank you vilters and parkdalegardner!


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    Tja, if it is for a still render?

    Load your figure, and pose your figure.
    Then export as a welded object file (create a prop) and delete.

    Load the prop you just exported (the welded obj file) and then create the hair group in the hair room by selecting "add by material" , grow the hair, and render.

    just offering options here.
    best regards, Tony

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    Great idea and an amazing timesaver! Thank you, Tony!!!