Cannot get custom FBM MT INJ Pz to work

  • Sorry for using all the acronyms, but this really isn't a newbie discussion. I have created a custom Full Body Morph for Pauline, using the Development Version. I save using external PMD. I manually create a PZ2 file which references the PMD file (using Nerd3D's tutorial). I copy the PMD file into a Pose library sub-folder. I save the PZ2 file as an ANSI version (I had problems with UTF and Unicode vesions before) and place it in the same sub-folder as the PMD file.

    I can load the MT using the PZ2 file to a fresh Pauline Dev Figure. However, all the dependencies for all the body parts involved in the FBM are non-existent. I have to manually create the dependencies. Is there some way to get the dependencies properly saved into the PMD file as well ?

    (Once I do create each and every dependency required, the FBM works fine.)

  • Can't help with your problem, but can I get a visual of the figure with the morph applied?

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    @ibr_remote You might try this instead;

    Go to File > Export > Morph Injection. In the dialogue that comes up, check all the MTs you need included, name the injection and save it in your Poses folder. It should include all the dependencies for you.

  • @AmbientShade - You saved me, with that ! Thank you !


    Important point: use the newly-created PZ2 not on the Dev Version, but the full vesion of Pauline. The Dev Version breaks when posed.

    @eclark1849 - here's a draft of what the morphed anime-style body shape roughly looks like. I have not done the head injection in this. The shape can be dialled further to produce an almost creature-like appearance !

  • Here's a geometric edge line and comic book colour output of the Bishoujo (beautiful young girl) anime-style morph for Pauline, from the back. I have not injected the Bishoujo head morph, which is a separate Pz2 file. I am using my dark-skinned cel-shaded texture and shader set.


  • My Asian and Fair-skinned cel-shaded texture and shader materials sets.



    The lighting is only one Diffused Light at 43%, for testing purpose only.

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    @ibr_remote said in Cannot get custom FBM MT INJ Pz to work:

    @AmbientShade - You saved me, with that ! Thank you !

    You're welcome. It's a very nice addition to PP11. You have to create your own library thumbnail tho. But you'd probably do that anyway. ;)