Shaderworks scripts in Poser Pro 11

  • @Y-Phil Thanks for the info. AFM 2 is listed on the thread as "not working" but you've confirmed it does? It would be a deal breaker otherwise.

  • @dcrosby said in Shaderworks scripts in Poser Pro 11:

    @Y-Phil Thanks for the info. AFM 2 is listed on the thread as "not working" but you've confirmed it does? It would be a deal breaker otherwise.

    alt text

  • @Y-Phil Cool!

  • they work nicely. I do get occasional sudden crashes if I am very quickly scrolling a large number of folders in a huge combined virtual runtime that the software makes.
    i can't live without those scripts either but i have been using poser 11 since it came out without any issues different to before.
    Love esther

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    IK-chain can crash PoserPro 11 if you go to the setup screen.
    Adding new or renaming Layers will not work all the time.
    Running the Octane plug-in with AFM2 will give an error every time you close Poser.

  • @Batman That layers issue would be irritating. I use them fairly extensively. Is Semidiue (sp) still actively updating his scripts?

  • @dcrosby I haven't heard from him for a long time sorry to say, ie maybe a year or more.

  • If he doesn't respond anymore, I wonder if we couldn't just decompile the script and correct the problem?

  • I would be interested in this. An script that I bought for P9 and that worked later in PP2014 does NOT work in PP11. It had a single function. Copy materials from one item to another.

    Now to use the script I have to open my older copy of Poser perform the function. Save the item with the copied material to an external runtime and for some odd reason, Poser Pro 11 gives me odd behavior that causes me to reboot. I went from one click to four operations. I'd love to get that Shaderworks script to work in PP11.

  • So I went ahead and bought the Poser Pro 11 upgrade. I haven't had a chance to use it much thus far. As mentioned here, the Layers module from Advanced Figure Manager doesn't work consistently, to the point it's essentially unusable. Bummer!

    I'm getting some other strange behaviour as well and wonder if it's related to the fact that I dumped every script I had at the program at once. I want to replace the Python folder with a fresh one and just install a couple of very important scripts right off the bat.

    2 questions: Are there any preferences or other items I need to delete that are outside the main app's Python folder?

    Is there a way to copy over my Advanced Library Manager prefs and DB so I don't have to reload it all over again?

    I'm on a Mac.

  • I'm not sure how you installed your scripts. I tried to simply copy the scripts from the scriptsmenu folder over to Poser 11 and the script didn't work.

    I recently installed the Shaderworks script from the zip file into Poser 11 and it worked!

    You might try installing from the zip. I don't know why one should work and not the other but I know what worked for me.

  • @maestro Thanks for the reply. I can get most of them to work, but some haven't been updated in quite a while and I don't know if there may be some conflicts going on. I don't suppose there is another Layers script somewhere in the Poserverse? You don't know how useful it is if you haven't tried it.

  • I found a thread on Materials Layers using Superfly which means no backward compatibility.

    Is this what you mean?

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    @maestro said in Shaderworks scripts in Poser Pro 11:

    I found a thread on Materials Layers using Superfly which means no backward compatibility.

    Is this what you mean?

    Before there is some misunderstanding
    Material layers are P11 feature.
    Layers in AFM2 are object layers. They should work in P11 and previous versions. If I remember correctly they are used to view/hide sets of figures and props from view or render

    Scripts from P10 or earlier which deal with materials are incompatible with P11 IF they contain materials which have been modified in P11 by changing the root nodes.
    Those scripts know nothing about root nodes, so they will always get the first root node no matter which one that is. Usually that is the PoserSurface rootnode, but it could be different if copy/paste/delete operations have been used. So results are unpredictable.

  • @wimvdb

    That makes sense. The first time I tried to use the script which simply copies a material from one object to another, it failed. I realzie now that I was trying to copy Superfly Materials to a Firefly node. Forgive my terminology if I get the terms wrong. Later, I tried the same script and it worked when I copied to Firefly to Firefly.

    Could you clarify AFM2 for a materials rookie? What is that?

  • @maestro It's the name of one of semidieu's scripts (and I find it really really useful) - called Advanced Figure Manager 2
    With this script you can easily parent a big group of props to a single prop eg to the grouping tool for example, or make a big bunch of things visible or invisible in your scene or just delete multiple items from a scene etc
    Love esther

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    In Poser you could use the Object Menu - Create Grouping to make a group that acts like a container. With the Hierarchy window open, the Grouping can be renamed & any items in the scene can be drag & dropped into it. Toggling the eye symbol will toggle visibility for everything in that grouping with one click; I find it very useful. Think that was introduced with Poser 10.

  • @caisson - of course we can but that is sooooo much slower than using the script. trust me.

  • @estherau The Layer's script is pure genius. Enough so that Poser should implement it into their UI. It would give them a great bullet point for their next release (assuming the competition doesn't already have it). It's not working for me in PP11. I don't know if I messed something up when I threw every script I owned at the program at once, or if experiencing "normal" bugs. I'm getting strange behavior with PP11 and various scripts in general.

    Anyhow, without the script panel, I'm forced to put PP11 on the shelf until I complete my current project. It could be a while :-(

  • @dcrosby you could send SM a video of you using the script and how you use it, then a video of you trying to do the same things without the script to show them how useful that sort of code is in poser.