Poser Pro 2014 Game Dev Subscription is up

  • After a couple of years running smoothly I got a message on startup that my subscription is up and I need to register the software. Go through the registration again, says the serial number is not valid. Put in a ticket to support but haven't heard anything back, any ideas how I can get my software working again? Thank you very Much!

  • Poser Ambassadors

    a) what did the message say exactly?
    b) was the PC connected to the Internet?

    The exact words of the message are pretty important to get a good answer.

    • Not valid?
    • Expired? => First you get a warning that PP2014 needs to check its registration, and (forgive my memory) 7 days later it will not start-up any more if it was unable to check.
    • Max number of activations exeeded? (3)
    • You can also ask for a NON Internet serial for most Poser versions (again if my memory does not let me down)

    PP2014 checks its registration serial and needs the net to do so.

  • Thank you so much for the reply. Something strange is happening here, was getting screen shots together to show the problem. When the registration came back up decided to try to re-register Poser Pro 2014 and not Game developer. It has seemed to work and when I check the serial number of the program it is not Poser Pro 2014 but Game dev! Really odd but it is working again. Thank you so much for your time, been thinking of upgrading to Poser Pro 11, any thoughts on that, seems Like there is one day left on the sale. Thank You very much Again!