Is MotionArtist dead?

  • Seeing very little posts here, and very few responses. Is this dead software?

    Don't mean to be rude, just looking into purchasing new animation software.


  • Ha ha! I've asked this question at various times in the past. Maybe it isn't dead, just pining for the fjords...There haven't been any upgrades for at least two years, so, if it isn't abandonware, it's giving a very good impression. I'm puzzled, actually, because if ever there was a time to develop software like this, that time is now. I've even tried to goad Smith Micro into divulging something - anything - about any future plans they may have for this, to no avail.

    I have a copy of the software, but I am looking elsewhere for the next project I'm about to start. I'm having a closer look at Madefire. Does that answer your question?

  • If it is dead I hope it sends me my money back in it's will.

  • I have to admit, I bought a copy of this and still haven't got around to doing anything with it. But it's also a matter of resources. Moho (nee Anime Studio) is being developed, and can do most of what Motion Artist can.

  • The problem I have with it, is that aside from its HTML5 export feature, you can do anything that you might do in Motion Artist ~in Blender, and not have to learn Motion Artist. Which is a shame, because I would actually like to be able to use Motion Artist.

  • I'm just writing this as a "me, too" vote for some news about Motion Artist. I really like this program, and think it's the best HTML5 authoring tool I've found -- not to mention its powerful comics-specific capabilities.

    That said, after I've applied automatic comics-y pans and zooms, the resulting project is very difficult to edit. I mean, I'm free to edit all the separate bits, but the timings all get ruined. In some cases, all it would take is a simple update -- like the ability to insert or delete frames.

    Sadly, it seems as if this great program has been abandoned. I really hope it hasn't been, and would love a word from SmithMicro about it.

  • I could be re-focussed as a product for the junior teen and younger market. Just making a suggestion.

  • @ibr_remote I think the problem is, it's already aimed at that market, judging from what little promotional material there is. This software seems to be a Cinderella in the Smith Micro stable of graphic applications. Like I said elsewhere, it's been years since an upgrade, and at the moment Smith Micro appear to be laying off developers, so it's unlikely to be getting any tender loving care from the company any time soon.

  • buying something buggy is always a bad image for a compagny. I bought the paint Ex and motion artist. But the support is horrible : poor, not reactive... you are far far away behind the scene for that...

  • The marketing of this excellent idea is not great. A lot of work has gone into this product. It's a pity it's marketed so poorly and I hope the community grows / it doesn't become ghostwear.

  • @jahnocli said in Is MotionArtist dead?:

    Great. I just picked this up and Clip Studio Paint EX. Ugh, don't want to own/learn products that won't be getting updates.

  • @bluehand06 I'd love to hear some thoughts you have on marketing MotionArtist? I'm with Smith Micro. Send me a private message and let's discuss! Thanks!

  • @anniespewak after bug solving the most intersting thing, to me, is the integration with Clip Studio Paint - as photoshop - and the integration of Clip Studio Paint animations.

  • Don't know if it is but for$20 I decided it was at least worth throwing into my toolbox. Seems a lot easier to do what it does that trying to do the same thing in After Effects certainly.