Light like in Photoshop

  • Hi there trying to get the hang of CSP pro after years of using Photoshop.
    Does CSP have a lighting effects like in Photoshop where you can choose the type, size and direction of light?

  • There's aren't any lighting effects.

  • Thank you

  • Don't give up. I created three white shapes and registered them as materials, beam and ambient. Now I just drag one on a layer above adjust its size and rotation and set its blend mode to Add Glow, or Glow dodge, or overlay ... adjust level of lighting effect by adjusting the opacity of the light layer.... Its actually just as easy as the light filter in PS and in some ways its more flexible.
    0_1477961515237_lighting in csp.jpg

    I have stopped using PS entirely. Usually the basic building blocks are in CSP and it can be fun working out how to use them ... e.g. I have a pretty full set of artistic filters now ... saved as CSP Actions.

  • PS ... if you want colored light you just switch on Layer color for the lighting layer and adjust the sub-color to the color you want.

  • @888toto Hi thanks heaps that looks great think I will do the same thank you.