Edit Parameter Dial window

  • Is there any way to shut down this window? Seems like I just glance at a dial and it pops up in my face. It's very annoying,

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    Note for those who have not read the RDNA thread: It would appear that somehow a double click occurs when mdbruffy has the mouse cursor on the dial, popping up the parameter settings window for that dial.

  • @mdbruffy I have this problem every so often too. Might be the way I have my mouse clicks set up in windows.

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    I've had a mouse go flaky, too. It would double click when I had only single clicked. Later, the cursor began to drift around even when the mouse was stationary.

  • The mouse I use goes with my Genius tablet. I do all of my work through it and my Wacom bambo tablet. Maybe I should first try replacing the Genius mouse's batery. Haven't done that since I've had it.

  • It's my perception that this has started happening recently, and then only once or twice after a scene was newly opened. It only happens on one of my Poser 11 machines, so it could be due to a mouse issue. It's an old-style PS/2 mouse on that PC so it probably doesn't owe me any loyalty by now.

    On the other hand, the problem seems to have coincided with the most recent Poser update, and I don't experience mouse problems in any other application. I do have several interface related niggles with Poser so I'm not full of confidence for that code. ;)

  • Does it happen with any other software or situation (like opening files)? I get it sometimes but I know it's me doing it (slight flutter in the finger), or it could be contact bounce in the mouse. Of course, if it only happens in Poser, it probably isn't contact bounce.

  • I have an old wacom tablet and it works well. The window popups only when I double-click on the trim, same for my mouse (an mx master)

  • I have both Poser 9 and Poser pro 11 and I've only noticed it on PP11.