DSON - how to use it in PP11

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    Because there is an audience in the Poser community for DAZ products ... Could someone kindly outline how to download and install the DSON sans the DIM (I no longer use it) The tread at Rendo is confusing me. Also I already have Genisis 1 and 2 in my runtime ... I hvae upgraded to PP11 do I need to do any additional processes for these to work?

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    As far as I can remember, the zip file contents for the DSON import itself need to installed/moved into Program Files. This means that the DSON addon will end up in a folder called dson in program files/Smith Micro/Poser 11/Runtime/Pythin/Addons and some helper scripts in the scriptsMenu in Program Files as well.
    You may need root priviliges to install in Program files, in WIndows 10 unzip the zip file first in a temp folder.

    Then there is one more thing you need to do which is to start the importer preference script and check the writeable runtime location. This needs to be a runtime OTHER than Program files. Best is to create a separate runtime for it on your dat files. This way you can always add this runtime directly to other Poser versions you may have. The writeable runtime is where the DSON importers stores it converted files. So if you want to keep those for later, make sure that this runtime is kept. The files which are created here are referenced in the saved files in the library and in your scene files.

    That is basically it.

    The companion files which complement the DSON importer contain the Genesis files and can be treated as normal content files and can be stored in any writeable runtime

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    @wimvdb Thank you!

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    Bingo. The trick was to install it to where the Poser exe file is and it works beautifully. thank you.

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