Suggestions for Superfly grass.

  • I created a scene for a firefly render, but now I want to use the set of that scene for an image I want to render in superfly. But I can't get the grass to look right. The original texture took advantage of firefly's micro displacement. It's based on one Bagginsbill posted

    0_1477963232065_grass shader.JPG

    (The nodes that are collapsed are from the gravel path and that uses a bump map.)

    Here is what I'm trying to create. (The ground not the blurry flowers on the envsphere)


    Everything I've tried makes the grass look flat or lumpy but not like blades of grass. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • @redphantom increase the subdivision of your model?

  • I tried that. 6 subdivisions didn't help. 8 locked up my computer.

  • Not possible. If Superfly gets micropolygon displacement (just introduced to Blender Cycles, so possible but not soon), then yes. If Poser introduced instancing (something I hoped for with Poser 11), then yes. At present, the only real options are hair (for 'organic' shaped surfaces) or some of the modelled grass (for flat and square areas). They are high poly, but they render pretty well.
    BTW, BB also posted a set-up to use hair for grass some time back.

  • I use WhiteMagus' Realistic Grass from Rendo when I need a real grass in a render. It's actually very useful (and currently on sale for just over $5.00) and looks great in renders. Here, I just used one of the small props on top of Seachnasaigh's Weedy Grass for the P11 Construct. I did change the specular on the grass because he has it set for white which is fine for Firefly, but not Superfly. I just changed the color to a dark green on the Specular.

    I also did a quick render here and didn't let it run as long as I normally would in Superfly.