Animation Feedback

  • I just finished the first part of an animated show I am working on. I have been working with Posed and 3d animation for a little over a year part time so could use all the feedback given. It is still a little choppy from the last time I asked for feedback. I think I am geting better. So please enjoy and let me know what you think.


  • Dylan's voice goes wonky in a couple of places, but otherwise that was pretty awesome! :D

  • I actually had him record twice, because I thought he didn't sound quite right. I had already hired him and didn't want to give the job to someone else. I will have to find out what kind of equipment he is using.

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    I see a lot of potential. Nice work. There's a few stiff spots here and there but they don't distract from the action. Might want to pay closer attention to the hand poses, like on the skateboard, and a couple of the arms seemed overly stiff. Very nice motion on Bree in the casting sequence. I've seen animations on cartoon network that weren't as clean as this. It will get more refined the further along you go. How long did it take to put it all together?

  • @AmbientShade Thanks for the feedback. I go through a process of refinement on each character animation clip and I am learning hands. It is definitely the hardest part. A lot of small bones to manipulate and get timing correct. I am learning though. I think I also am learning how many iterations I need to look good but not continue tweaking forever if you know what I mean. But I definitely will be on the look out to improve hands. It took a few months part time. but I already had parts done from the Intro. Then another month for the fx, compositing and color correction.