New to poser.. Does it support Iray for the Nvidia 1070 ?

  • Hello,
    Since I am a Daz3D user, and purchased Poser Pro I was wondering if Poser does support the Iray for the Nvidia 1070 card for rendering.
    Still going through all the training videos, to learn everything about Poser :)

    Also, I am rending in Daz 3D which takes a while for like 1 frame it takes between 30 - 2 minutes, so rendering 2 minutes of video took me
    about 20-30 hours..
    Is that normal, or is it a lot faster in Poser?

    I am using a I7 - 6700HQ with 64 Gb Ram and a Nvidia 1070 8Gb card (this is all on a laptop)

    Thank you

  • @pka4916 Poser Pro 2014 has the Firefly render engine and Poser Pro 11 has Firefly and Superfly which is a variation on the Cycles render engine from Blender.

  • @pka4916 Superfly does support NVIDIA GPU rendering.

  • No clue what the Firefly and Superfly means, but I guess I will find out then.
    and good to hear that it supports the card. Since Daz didn't support that model card as of yet..

  • @pka4916

    Hi there

    DS supports new "Pascal" cards in new BETA I think,tried that and my results are not what I expected,I expected faster renders at least
    Here are my results,for this test or benchmark I've used DAZ3D benchmark scene which is available on DS forum

    GTX TITAN X with GTX1080 1 minutes 33.75 seconds(2nd run 1 minutes 24.47 seconds)
    GTX1080 2 minutes 50.53 seconds
    TITAN X 2 minutes 32.77 seconds
    CPU i7-5820k OC 4.5GHz 22 minutes 19.97 seconds

    Regarding the GTX1070 or Pascal cards,they're supported in Poser Pro 11 and you should be able used them,Poser is not using as their render engine IRAY,its have own SuperFly which is based on Cycles(Blender)

    Regarding the rendering animation,not sure,I don't render or don't do any animations there,I render mostly stills and that's it there

    Hope this helps


  • Also read this:

    Especially the September 15, 2016 reply to a question.

  • @pka4916 Poser does not use I-Ray, just to be very clear about that.

    Just like Daz3D has multiple render engines, 3DLight and now I-Ray, so does Poser. Poser used to only have FireFly, which was the only render engine available for Poser for quite some time. In Poser 11, they added SuperFly which is a physically based render engine similar to I-Ray. SuperFly is based on the Cycles render engine from Blender.

    Superfly does support GPU rendering, but it's not I-Ray. :)

  • I have a Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini OC and it will render with SuperFly.
    It even works on Insider Build 14971 of Windows 10, but you have to start over driver wise.

    If you do run into issues using it, you will have to manually uninstall everything Nvidia from the system manually.
    If you run into issues with a series 10 card, do not use a driver uninstaller to remove the drivers, it will only make it worse.

    To uninstall it, follow the procedure outlined here to manually remove the Nvidia stuff, then reinstall the drivers after ALL of the Nvidia stuff has been removed that is outlined in the link.
    You have to do a lot of it from safe mode, and once you do what is outlined the 10 series card will be back up and running fine.

    If you plan on overclocking the card, there are 2 different versions of the series 10 cards.
    Ones with Samsung memory, and ones with Micron memory.
    Cards with Micron memory will need a bios update to take the memory much past the stock levels simply because they require higher voltage than the Samsung memory when over clocked.

    All of the manufactures are aware of this issue, but not all of them have released Bios upgrades to increase the voltage to the memory chips. This does not affect the CPU speed, and mine runs just shy of 2 gig most of the time without over clocking it at all.

    If your not going to overclock the card, it isn't a big deal, but worth mentioning since many of the cards come with a factory overclock on them.