Hint about "Copy morphs from"

  • It is possible that everybody knew this already other than me, but I made an interesting discovery last night when working with a scene in Poser Pro 11.

    Let's say you have 3 figures in the scene. Figures A, B, and C. Figure C is parented to Figure B, and Figure B is parented to figure A. For instance, a Shirt parented to a V4 who is parented to a Chair.

    This is the basic scenario that I had last night. I then tried to "Copy morphs from" on the shirt and copy morphs from V4 to the shirt. Guess what? It didn't work! When I selected "Copy morphs from" and selected V4, the list of morphs to copy was completely blank!

    As soon as you un-parent V4 from the chair however, it works fine. I am not sure if this is a bug or working as intended, but it's not difficult to work around. Just parent the figure to the universe, copy your morphs, and then parent the figure back to its original target.

    Anyway, I hope this helps someone! It really drove me nuts for a while last night. At one point I thought the entire "Copy morphs from" functionality didn't work in Poser Pro 11. Lol!

  • Thanks for the tip. I may have run into this but didn't investigate far for a fix.

  • My experience has been that with multiple, conformed clothing figures on a V4 base, even though the only morphs displayed for copying are those with visible parameters on the V4 figure, sometimes morph names from the other conformed clothing appear on the target figure the morphs are being copied to. I assume this is to do with Poser following the dependencies to child, conformed figures as though they were part of a Full Body Morph.

    The other issue I find with this process is that if you have joint controlled morphs with hidden dials (because they're only activated by joint rotations, not user tweaking), those morphs are not offerred for selection in the morph copy dialog unless Show Hidden Morphs has been enabled, and then (at least for V4), you get the 50 or 70, unnamed morph injection slot channels to wade through as well. Pity they took away the earlier version option of collapsing just the morphs for the body part without hiding the child actors as well, even though it was cumbersome to navigate.

  • probably best to copy the morphs over in frame 1, and then conform and pose the scene items (figure, clothing, props etc) in say, frame 30. This way, you make Poser deal with one thing at a time, otherwise, it gets confused. LOL. ( I usually do all the setting up in frame 1 and then do the posing and lighting in frame 30, this way, I also get to include dynamic cloth and hair simulations ).

  • @ibr_remote I have had all kinds of issues trying to use a workflow like that. Mostly from me forgetting which frame I'm on or should be on to do the work I'm doing. I erase all frames after frame 1 and only work in frame 1. There is much less chance of things getting messed up that way for me at least. :)

  • @mr_phoenyxx Oh, I see. OK....

  • @ibr_remote Sorry, I wasn't trying to imply that it's not a good idea. I'm just saying that workflow doesn't work all that well for me. But that's a me issue, not a problem with your suggestion. :)

  • @mr_phoenyxx no worries, I got that