Weird CSP interaction with iTunes?

  • Okay, this is something that's been driving me crazy, and I haven't had any luck finding info elsewhere online.

    I tend to listen to music or podcasts while working on my art. I'll be drawing in Clip Studio Paint on my art tablet, iTunes playing in the background on my computer. Used to be this was fine, but I got this program back when it was still called Manga Studio 5, and ever since it upgraded to CSP I've started having a very frustrating problem.

    Randomly, sometimes even after I restart my computer and everything should be fresh, my iTunes will freeze mid-play when CSP is open. Not even when I'm drawing, just having the program open and sitting there will cause this. iTunes will go completely silent, the song or podcast will stop responding with no change to the playback button, and no amount of clicking buttons, restarting all programs, closing background processes etc. seems to help it. I mean, like I said, sometimes even a computer restart won't do anything.

    I'm bringing this up here because this ONLY happens when I have Clip Studio Paint open. Has anybody else experienced something similar? Or has any ideas about what I might check or change?

  • @hammerheadpup I haven't experienced this, but then I don't usually play music while I'm working in CSP. I also use Google Play, so not even the same music app. Sorry.