Crash when rendering movie

  • I'm not that confident this can be solved, but this forum has already brilliantly solved a couple very big issues I experienced in the past, so why not trying?

    I'm (almost) having fun making a small "cartoon" as a Christmas present, nothing that important, and I don't usually use Poser for exporting movies so It's not a matter of life.. still, what happens is quite annoying.

    The crash always happens when I'm above frame 80 in the render. Can be 85/90/100 but won't get past 100th frame (not the "number 100 frame", but 100 frames rendered, i.e. from 300 to 400).
    I'm using the "sketch style" render engine.
    Odd thing, if I render 70 frames (finely), and then launch the render again for other 70 frames within the same session, Poser always crashes when it reaches the same quota of about 85/100 total frames exported in the same session.

    So what I'm doing now is rendering 70 frames, quitting Poser (simply closing the scene won't do), reopening Poser and launching following 70 frames. This works.
    But you can guess how this is uncomfortable, and time consuming.

    Has anyone experienced similar crashes when rendering a movie... and found a solution?


    Thank you for any input you may have

    edit: oh, and the crash message is a generic "poser executable has stopped working"

  • @erwin_sc I haven't rendered an animation in PP11 yet, but I am starting to heavily lean towards going back to PP2014 as I keep running into issues such as this one in PP11.

  • @erwin_sc what size are the frames? can you try to make a smaller frame size and see if it crashes at the same place? I'm thinking this is a memory bug.

  • @mr_phoenyxx
    I'm a fresh user so I don't have previous history, though I've been a bit surprised by the amount of crashes I got, after a first week of pretty solid use, months ago.
    I'm hopeful for some update addressing these issues, but from what I've heard from many forum users, crashes are something people must learn to live with.
    Was 2014 much more stable?

  • @ghostship
    thank you for your suggestion, I'm currently rendering at 640x480, I'm going to try a smaller size right now and report back!

  • @erwin_sc No, I would not say that it is more stable. I am just not having issues in PP2014, whereas I am having some problems in PP11. Not your crashing issue though. Different problem. :)

  • @mr_phoenyxx What kind of processor are you using by the way? How much RAM do you have? What graphics card as well please?

  • @ghostship :
    so I made some additional testing and:

    1. rendering in "sketch mode" to "half size" instantly crashes :|
    2. rendering in "sketch mode" to "full size", but making the size half, keeps crashing at about same ratio (I reached frame 102 this time)
    3. rendering in "preview mode" (to "full size") does not crashes at all - got to 500 frames without any issue

    so I would guess it could have to do with Sketch rendering?

    @mr_phoenyxx :
    i5 processor
    4 GB RAM

  • @erwin_sc Might be a problem with sketch mode. Can you try rendering it different modes other than preview and sketch?

    Also, 4 GB sounds a little low to me. Can you open Task Manager while rendering and watch the memory on the Performance tab. See if you are running out after 100ish renders.

    And just in case you don't know what Task Manager is:

  • @mr_phoenyxx
    indeed it's very likely.
    I've just tried monitoring memory usage through the task manager and the crash happens when memory used by Poser reaches about 1.2 GB
    still the total memory use is well below 4GB, I wonder if it's a limit regarding "allocated" memory for Poser

    While rendering preview mode makes almost no harm to memory...

    I also wonder why after exporting the movie, memory doesn't get "cleared", why does it keep all those stuff into memory, even if I've finished exporting the video?
    Maybe it's "stills" saved somewhere? (is there an option to state how many "stills" keeping saved?)

    I'm also rendering with Firefly in this very moment, and memory does not continuously grow as well. It goes on, like +100 mb, and then goes down again, as if renders are instantly cleared from memory after each one is finished.

    Can anyone confirm that sketch rendering always "adds up" to memory but never goes down?
    Could it be a bug with this?

  • @erwin_sc said in Crash when rendering movie:

    indeed it's very likely.
    I've just tried monitoring memory usage through the task manager and the crash happens when memory used by Poser reaches about 1.2 GB
    still the total memory use is well below 4GB, I wonder if it's a limit regarding "allocated" memory for Poser

    Try that test a few times, if you have not already, and see if the problem consistently occurs at the 1.2 GB mark.

  • @mr_phoenyxx
    yeah I can confirm, it's not exactly 1.2 but 1.120, and it crashes always at that spot.

    The odd thing is only sketch render keeps adding up,
    while other rendering engines just clear back right before starting each new frame

    Thank you both for your suggestions, btw, this was indeed a memory issue.
    Though if this odd behaviour is confirmed on other machines, I'd say this is a bug with the sketch render, keeping all rendered frames in memory while it should not.
    Is there any way I can officially report this so devs could see and hopefully fix?

  • @erwin_sc Sounds like either a problem with sketch rendering or you have one spot on one stick of RAM that is being problematic, but just doesn't get used very often during normal operation. You could try reseating your RAM, if you are comfortable doing that. If I had it here in the shop, then I'd run a UBCD Mem test on it overnight (at least 20 passes) to check for memory issues and stability.

  • @mr_phoenyxx
    thank you, another good idea!
    But even if my ram had some issues,
    I would anyway hit my memory limit in about 250 movie frames,
    while the other renderers don't suffer from this issue at all.

    Your suggestion would probably be the only thing I could try myself to have some more headroom to render.

    Still, I would really be interested knowing if someone can confirm this unlimited memory drain while exporting a movie in sketch mode
    (just check Poser memory usage in the task manager and see if it adds up indefinitely while sketch-rendering a movie, and never resets back, not even when finished the task)
    this could be a general issue Smith Micro might want to fix in the future?


    Above is the link to file bug reports. You will have to create an account, but that is simple. You will need to list the specs of your computer OS version and the version of Poser and the serial number.

  • @richard60
    Thank you, I just did that, will update this thread if any news!