Poser 11 Sale $49.99

  • Poser 11 is on sale through November 13, 2016 for just $49.99. That is more than 60% off, or $80 off the regular price.

    The special price is avaiable at http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-11.html

    If you know someone who has seen your work and may be interested in getting Poser and trying it for themselves, this is an inexpensive way for them to get started. Feel free to share this sale info with them.

    If they later decide they want to move up from Poser 11 to Poser Pro 11, there is sidegrade pricing available at http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-pro-11-upgrades.html#upgrade

  • shame it's a the wrong time of the month for many.. ever thought of putting these sales on at the Beginning of the month, when many have their wages in? (many like me are paid monthly.....)

    I only ever get these deals by sheer luck...

  • I just found out about this sale via Google+, and am very tempted to upgrade from 9 to 11, because that's also only $US 49.99. But the question is, should I?

    I bought Poser 9 some years back as part of a package with other SM products. I use Manga Studio (now Clip Studio Paint) a lot, but I never got around to using Poser at all. I was going to use it mainly for creating both avatars, poses and animations for Second Life / Open Simulator. What happened was that inbetween when i bought it and now, I completed a Masters in Fine Art, and really didn't have the time to explore Poser at all. But now I do.

    So for the purposes mentioned above - avatars / poses / animation - is it worth my while upgrading from 9 to 11? What do I gain by doing that?

  • @Khai-J-Bach Very, very good point! It always irks me the way that these sales crop up at the middle or the end of the month when most of us have no cash. I'm glad I had the cash laying around this time and I was able to swoop down on it!

  • @Khai-J-Bach Unfortunately we aren't really able to announce upcoming sales in advance.

  • @laura.seabrook

    There's a list of new features in Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11 at http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-whats-new.html.

    Some of the feature names say have a note that they are only in Pro, so keep in mind that those won't be included in standard Poser 11.

  • @laura-seabrook Poses and Animation both are easier in 11 then 9 since you can put the parameter dials for just items you will working with in a custom palette. Saves a lot of time not having to jump between different body parts or figures to dial in one body only to have to make a change somewhere else.. Makes my life easier.

  • I bought it but the serial number is coming up as invalid after install. I noticed another buyer at Renderosity posted a review about having the same issue. Have been going through hoops trying to register here just so I can file a support ticket. Not exactly a stellar introduction to Poser for me thus far :(

  • @redzstudio Sorry about the problems. You'll want to go to https://support.smithmicro.com/ and click the link on the right side of the page to contact Support.

  • Hmm, I think I might pass on this one, after all. I really wanted to get MOHO 12 earlier this year but just didn't have the money for that. But I had used Anime Studio (its old name) and really liked that, so I think I might get better value upgrading that on the next sale.

    It's a pity, as I knew a fdew people who make comics using (something I do) with Poser, and those are fairly impressive. ,

  • Oh no, looks like I missed this sale. Does anyone know how often Poser goes on sale, as I'll wait until the next one?

  • @skybluerob Every few months or so? There will probably be a black Friday, Christmas, or New Year's sale?

  • Thanks mr_phoenyxx. I'll wait for Black Friday to see if anything crops up (Black Friday is still a relatively new thing here in the UK, so I forgot about it).