Just because it's the Holiday's Thread

  • It's that time of the year again.

    Just about every store has already skipped Thanksgiving and the Xmas stuff is everywhere. Odd how that works. But fear not, Valentines Day is just around the corner....

    In the spirit of the Holidays, let's get a Holiday Thread rolling for well wishes, Holiday renders, freebies, etc.

    alt text

    Happy Holidays Everyone !!!

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    Fun render!!!

  • Here is a freebie I made for Antonia WM that sort of got lost in cyberspace.

    In this package you will find seven premade Developer Rigs for Antonia WM.
    Full Rig, Gloves Rig, Long Sleeve Rig, Pants Rig, Shoes Rig, Short Sleeve Rig, and Shorts Rig.

    The original obj has been modified, removing all texture references.
    The original cr2 has been broken down into individual readscript sections, for each body part.
    Making new custom rigs only requires modifying the readscript calls in one of the files and saving it under a new name.

    Thanks to everyone involved in the Antonia Weight Mapped Project, for their generous gifts to the community.

    Click here to download this from my Content Paradise Store.

    alt text

    • Edited 11/11 to replace link.

  • Lovely render and the freebie looks amazing!

  • Thanks for the Antonia resources - always good to have more support for her!

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    Thanks for the new thread and Antonia stuff. Can still not get it why people Abaddon her. She is so cute.

  • @Ladonna Personally, I never like the way she looked. The other bit was that for some reason I always felt that there was "some assembly required". In other words, take what some people said about Dawn's Hivewire launch not being complete, not having enough stuff for her, etc. and then ten-fold it for Antonia.

  • @eclark1849 That's one of the reasons I made things like the developer kit for her, I actually made 3 versions, 1, 1.2 and WM. No one can say we didn't try to make her a much more useable figure. I am sure she still gets used by people, that is just how it works. Everyone has their favorites.

    If one person still uses her because of what we did, that is all that really matters.
    That goes the same for me for any figure I helped with. It does not have to be the most successful figure out there. Just one that someone prefers to use because of what we did to improve it.

    The Poser community is very giving, and many times people forget that is one of the best parts of it.

    It's the people that make the difference, not the figures they work with.
    That goes for each and every one of you.

    Happy Holidays.

  • @shvrdavid Hey I still use Posette from time to time. Mostly for background and crowds, but she still works .

  • I edited my first post.
    The Antonia WM Dev kit is now live in my CP store as a freebie.
    I will see what else I can find to put in there as well.

    Happy Holidays

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    She has a very cute Girl next door look. My POV :) But it is all a question of taste for sure.. She bends very well and with some morphs I buy for her, she looks very pretty.

    Here and older render of her.


  • @Ladonna Beautiful render Ladonna. I had picked up the Standard Edition of Antonia back in 2012, but never did much with her. Yesterday I picked up the Weight Mapped version, AND Scott's Dev Kit, so who knows what I'll come up with. ~wink~

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    Thank you :) Honestly I am tired of V4. Have millions stuff for her, but I am uninspired.
    Time to move to another girls. Pauline, Antonia and Dawn, Michelle are in my focus as next renders. But they all need stuff, so at first some clothes and hair I have in plan for Dawn and Pauline.

  • @Ladonna I look forward to seeing what you create. ~wink~

  • @shvrdavid Thank you.

    Where can i get Antonia WM because Rdna is broken and i can't find her nowhere else.


  • @lsauvage Hmmmm, I just picked up Antonia WM at RDNA yesterday. Well, I just checked, and it's still in the RDNA store, and I was able to add it to my cart, so not sure why you're saying RDNA's store is broken. Of course, it popped up a dialog saying I already purchased it.

  • @Miss-B
    Confirmed. The store is still open and Antonia-WM is still there. The mobile version of the RDNA store appears no longer available though.

  • @F_Verbaas Ohhh, I didn't even know they had a mobile version of the store, though I assume that's for purchasing with a phone or tablet, rather than a laptop or desktop.

  • @Miss-B
    Maybe it was the forum only. I do not know. I had a message Chrome was not able to open the location under my shortcut and if I wanted to use the desktop version instead.

  • @F_Verbaas, it tryed but the chekout link redirects me to Daz web site and even with a daz account, I always end on the page http://www.daz3d.com/runtime-dna

    I dont have an RdNa account and i can't create a new one.

    May be i'm not a good enough hacker !