How does Clip Studio Pro compare to Corel Painter Essentials5?

  • I am thinking about adding Corel Painter Essentials5 to my collection of programs and I was wondering how it compares to Clip Studio Pro.
    Is anyone using these?

  • I used to use the full Corel Painter program for some digital art but stopped completely when Clip studio/Manga studio version 5 came out. I The user interface in clip studio was so much easier and intuitive . The brushes were more easily created and configured. The blending tool in Corel ( which had been the best thing it had for me) was now fully matched by Clip Studio. Some artists media simulations are slightly more real in Corel... but not so easy to use. i tend to think that for digital art Clip Studio combines the best of Photoshop with the best of Corel..... Plus Clip Studio has the best pen/brush stabilisation. I have now completely de-installed Corel Painter ( never use it now at all ). Of course if you want to do comic style art then Clip studio blows them all away. Only thing I miss is the Distorto Tool in Corel.... Never could make one as good as that in Clip Studio. I never used the "Essentials" but assume its just a cut down version... so i'm guessing its even less likely to compete.

  • Thanks. That was what I was wondering.
    Guess I need to learn what I have before looking around.
    I was thinking about the deal they have on Poser11 until the 13th but I would only use part of it and the modelling tools are already in CSP.
    Thanks again.