Pose Injections, Python, Rigging question.

  • Is it possible to inject additional rigging into a figure using either a Pose or a Python script?

    I'm working on a "face rig" for V4, one that is based on muscle groups used in forming expressions. (Different from the SM rig for its new figures.) I started this just to see if it can be done, which it can. But, I would like to take this new rigging addition and make it so that I can either apply it to an existing figure in a scene rather than have to redistribute a heavily modified and encrypted .cr2.

    So, how can it be done without a separate program other than, perhaps, a python script? Or, are those commands not at all available to be called and I'd have to have a separate program that did this?

    PS - I know that a python can do it, since there are several out there that will add ghost handles and the like. But, I am not fluent in python or python-for-poser. I'd like some... explanations on how it is done, before I start trying to... Python my way into oblivion. :)

  • Poser Team

    The Poser Place V4~WM script can add bones and joint information to a cr2.

    What you are wanting to do is basically the same thing we did when adding ghost bones and replacing joint info in V4.

    If you look at how the V4~WM poses are made for the script it is basically just new info that is added too, or replaces existing joint information.

  • Thanks! I'll take a look at it in detail. (Hmm... It's a compiled script though, right?)

    The final objective is to create a freebie (redistributeable) pose/script/something that V4 users can apply to their custom figures in order to have ghost-bone options for fine-tuning expressions and changing them a bit to make them unique. (Custom Poses for those bones could be applied as well, I would think.)

    Rigging it is tedious, but the effects might be worth it, bringing V4's face back into the "modern world" within Poser. (ie: Making V4 Poser users very happy. :) )

  • Poser Team

    The script is not compiled. Everything is exposed in the package.

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