Exporting as PNG-8, rather than PNG-24?

  • I am used to using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, which allow me to choose between exporting as PNG-8 and PNG-24.

    For the types of illustrations I create, it is usually better for me to save as PNG-8. The files look exactly the same to the eye, but the PNG-8 filesize is usually about 50% that of PNG-24. Which means they load faster on my website.

    My question is: is there a way for me to choose to output as PNG-8 in Clip Studio Paint?

  • I don't think there is a way to export as PNG-8. I've never seen a dialog box with that sort of option available (file export options are on the sparse side).

  • Is there a channel I can suggest that (and other requests) through to Smith Micro/CELSYS?

    Seems like it would be a useful feature to have, and would be relatively easy to implement.

  • The number 8 or 24 refers to the number of bits per pixel. If you are not seeing any difference in quality I assume you are are using grayscale.... as with color there would be a world of difference. When you save to PNG in clipstudio a page pops up with various save settings ... in the middle it will say "expression Color - RGB Color" if you change that setting to Gray your PNG filesize is only one third of the size... ( which exactly figures with the difference between 8 and 24. I went back to my color image and posterized it down to just a few discrete colors. then when creating the PNG I changed that same setting this time to "auto detect appropriate color depth" instead of RGB Color and this time I get a color image that was only 8% of the size of the full 24 bit color version. It looks to me like you get the result that you are asking for by using that setting.

  • @888toto You are correct that I mostly use black and white / greyscale. Such as this.

    Thanks for alerting me to that 'Gray' expression color option. I had not noticed that option before, but it seems to do what I wanted. i.e. drop down to 8-bit.

    Thanks for also alterting me to the 'Auto detect appropriate color depth' option, which will be useful for non-greyscale images.