Poser Python tutorial?

  • I'll make this quick... any chance of someone making a quick tutorial of how to write a Python program for Poser for a beginner like me? I'm not looking for anything elaborate. Maybe something like make a clock or how to turn off and on a Poser light. Load Poser cube or figure. etc.etc. I need something Poser oriented that I can learn from without it being too difficult.

  • I don't program but here is a good link:


  • import poser

    scene = poser.Scene()

    for light in scene.Lights():

    if light.LightOn():
        light.SetLightOn(0)  # Turn light off
        light.SetLightOn(1)  # Turn Light on


  • Example to help finding an object in the hierarchy (can be tedious, depending on the number of sub-items...)

    Open the hierarchy window, select an item from which the search will be done, and run the script you will find here.

    Reading existing simple python scripts is a good start.

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    There is a python manual that comes with Poser, or at least it did with P10/2014. You might also check out PhilC's site for an extensive lesson manual he created. I bought it a year or two ago but haven't worked my way through it yet.

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