Any Good reason to upgrade to CSP EX?

  • For the most part I am still learning how to use CSP. I have made a few one panel cartoons but am not that good to make a full blown many page comic yet. I have a long way to go for that.
    I am wondering if there is a good reason for me to upgrade from Clip Studio Pro to EX for $150. I missed the October sale.

  • There's a comparison chart between Pro and EX. The major differences are:

    Story Mode which allows you to create a multi page document. Story Mode comes with Page Management and Batch Processing. If you aren't doing a multi page story yet, then you won't need this. When you're ready to start making a multi page story, Page Management is pretty handy.

    Lighting which will put some directional shading on 3D objects (no cast shadows). This is useful if you use a lot of 3D models.

    2D Line and Tone conversion. Convert 3D objects and photographs to line and tone. This is nice but a while back 888toto outlined a method for pulling line out of an image (do a search for 2DLT on the runtimedna forum to find some actions). Pulling tone from an image is a pretty simple matter. Sometimes the built in 2DLT conversion looks pretty good but 888toto's method often looks better. You don't need EX to run those 2DLT actions.

    Animation is not limited to 25 frames. If you're interested in animation you would already be using EX.

  • Thanks.
    I was doing some animation last year when I was making short films using another program.
    The story I am working on is a book I wrote and published on Amazon. I have the first page finished and then sort of hit a stopping point because of my art abilities. I sort of know how I want it to look but it seems it may need some more things in places to keep it moving so maybe I could use it to figure out what to do with those places.
    The Chapters in the Comic will be a bit different from the book. (Glad it is a short story.)
    I have the funds now so I was thinking I may as well get it now and have it for later.
    Thanks again,
    PS. My only other challenge will be staying around until the book is finished. I am 76 now living in the Philippines.

  • Ken,
    If it's a short comic maybe I could give you a hand. I'm an old guy too, but my art abilities are pretty good, even if I say so myself (hell, no-one else is going to say it for me!). I've only got Manga Studio EX 4 though, don't know if that's a problem...If you want to send me a page you've done already in EX4 format I could re-draw it and you can tell me if you're interested. If you don't want to know, then good luck with your endeavours anyway!
    John Oakley
    (jah dot nocli at gmail dot com) - Trying to avoid getting any more spam than I do already...
    70 year old guy living in rainy old England.

  • I will keep that in mind. I just bought EX and am looking at what I have.
    I noticed you had looked at Construct2. I have that one too. I also have one called iclone6 I think for making movies.
    Looks like you are a lot like me and cannot make up your mind what you want to do these days. I change around a lot. That is why my short story based on my book seems like a monster project for me. I may have to change some parts of it around to maintain interest.
    Thanks for the offer.