Has Astro Pad stole your heart?

  • I'm upgrading hardware - as a freelancer, mobility is essential. I would love to get the mobile studio pro, but I've had issues with Wacom customer service and do not feel like relearning the windows.

    I'm open to getting MacBook Pro with iPad Pro to use the clip studio paint - which means I need to get Astro Pad app.

    Has anyone used the astro pad app with clip studio paint? How was your user experience?


  • I love it! Sold my Cintiq Companion, and using iPad Pro and Astropad when I don't want to be at my iMac and big cintiq. You need a mac laptop to use it on the road though.

  • I'm looking to go more mobile - my cintiq needs power all the time :( - How does Clip P Studio work on you iPad pro?)
    Any performance lags or compensations?

  • CSP works great on the iPad pro. The apple pencil line is spot on with the stylus with no parallax, and that's the biggest advantage over a cintiq. Sounds like the new Mobile Studio from Wacom is a big improvement though. Also, the lighter weight of the iPad and the better 4:3 aspect makes it seem much more like a sketchbook. Astropad has some great onscreen controls that give you pretty much the functionality of the wacom keys, and its great the way you can zoom the desktop and move it around however you want. I've been trying DuetDisplay pro also, and that's not quite up to Astropad's level yet.

    Downside is there is some pixelation when moving windows or making selections, but it's improved drastically since they first came out, and I'm sure it will keep improving. You can't really hover the cursor, but if you have your laptop or desktop near you can use a mouse or trackpad. You can't use the iPad's keyboard while using Astropad, so typing is out. I use a nifty onscreen keyboard called VirtualKeyboard and it works great for the small amount of keyboard needs I have while drawing.

    If you want to be wireless to your MacBook, you need a fast network for good performance.

  • Thank you for the response.
    I've been dealing with outdated hardware and wasn't sure about trusting wacom after hearing a lot of complaints with standalone tablets. In addition to not wanting to switch to pc, wanted to see what options in getting the new release mac laptop along with either iPad pro or a different tablet that doesn't require an additional power source. Maybe the cintiq pro that's coming out next month might not need a power source, but I guess just will have to wait and see. i've heard the mobile pro is getting great press as well, but the previous tablets have been pretty much a bust according to colleagues. Wacom customer support and tech support has been bad compared to apple story walk in experience. Will update this thread as I go. Any further advice and input is much appreciated.