Problem with simple Cloth room sim...

  • Load default scene with Andy2
    Load the HiRes Table Cloth
    Frame 1 raise HRTCloth to Ytran +90.0 (using inches BTW)
    Frame 30 drop to HRTCLoth to Ytran =0.00

    Go to Cloth Room
    Set up sim:
    Clothify the HRTCloth, collide against Andy2, no real changes to anything else.

    In section 4. Dynamics Control, press Calculate Simulation.
    It works, the HRTCloth drops on Andy2 like a net.
    However, when I press Play Simulation, the HRTCloth passes through Andy2 to the floor.

    ?????? Help!
    Poser Pro 11 SR5

  • @dlfurman

    You can play the simulation, but only once it has been computed. This room doesn't work like the Bullet Physics simulations

  • Making an animation for the cloth and then leaving the movement to the simulation is contradictory.
    You need not make an animation for the cloth. It will only affect the movement of vertices added to the 'choreographed' group.
    The movement of vertices in the 'Default' group are directed by the simulation.