Technical question about parameter limits

  • I am creating a caricature and I need to dial some of the parameters in the figure beyond the limits set by the figure creator. I manually release those limits and set higher or lower ones (depending on plus or minus sign). I create the INJ PZ2 using Poser Pro 11's Export Morph Target . The problem starts when I try to inject the pose into a fresh zeroed figure. The custom dialled parameters can't go beyond those default limits in the figure. Is there a way to release parameter limits universally ? Doing them one by one is a pain.

  • Ah, I got a workaround. I created a full body morph, then dialled the morph value to -1.0, then I used PP11's Export Morph Target to create the Injection Pose. I load the fresh default figure, and apply the INJ PZ2, and it comes in at zero default value. I dial the value to +1.0 and it works fine.