Hair Room Webinar for Renderosity, Advice please

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    I posted this in the Ambassador's forum as well:

    Hi ... I have been asked to make a Webinar for Poser from the folks at Renderosity. I have:

    1. Never made a video tutorial or Wenbinar before
    2. Gathered all the information, organized, outlined and even made Powerpoint slides
    3. Rendo is suggesting using Skype for Business to put it on ... but the free version only allows for 10 attendees.
    4. I have no idea how to do a dry run or work out the kinks before actually putting this on. I do want this to be as professional as possible.
    5. I have looked into other hosts such as as possible alternatives to host this.

    By the way the first one. (of many if this works) is on the hair roo m just as a point of reference.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Renderosity has a youtube channel. If they're asking for you to make an uncompensated webinar, then they should offer you the medium. Ask them if you can stream it through their youtube channel.

    For a "dry run", get a friend to sit in front of you (unless you can vidchat with them) and watch as you give your "dress rehearsal" (ALL presentation items prepared and present) presentation. Then, have them ask two prepared technical questions that would logically arise from your presentation. (Ones that you have prepared off-the-cuff answers to, but that you have to explain with technical details and solutions, but seemingly to a small child... :) ) Then, have them ask any random question they want, the more embarrassingly personal the better. (Have fun answering that one. The key is for you to be able to respond to strange questions without... getting freaked out.)

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    Youtube has a live streaming feature, so Renderosity can use that to set up your webinar. Either they give you access to their channel or they'll need to have a host with you as the main guest speaker. You're going to need an assistant anyway to monitor the constant stream of questions that will be coming in.

    You can also do this through Google's webcast service I think.

    Skype would not be the best platform.

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    This gives me a lot of information, thank you. I never considered the need for the monitor ... I going into this with limited preparedness ... Agree with the Skype avenue ... my system was out of commission for a week from complications due to Skype. I will definitely look into both Google and YouTube. Thank you!

  • Why not get in touch with Charles or someone from SM and see if they'll co-host it with you? Frankly, and no offense meant to you, Boni, but I honestly believe this is one webinar that SM SHOULD host to show us what the Hair room is truly capable of. I'd love to use it more.

    I also hope that the webinar is held at a time when I can attend. Day times are awkward for me as I do have to work, but anytime after 4 pm Eastern is doable.

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    @eclark1849 That is an excellent idea, perhaps it could be marketed as a joint venture between SM and Renderosity. I will suggest that. No offense taken. Your idea rocks!