[Can Futile Optimism Beats Spambots? ]: How Can You Swap UVs In Poser ?

  • I knew that I'd done it successfully before and tracked that down. I'd used the alternate geometry approach, with the alternate geometry OBJ being exactly the same mesh as the base geometry but with different UV mappings.

    However, for my current conundrum I'm already using the alternate geometry for another purpose.

    Any suggestions. I'm thinking that it might have to be a script.

  • It appears that it can ! ;o)

  • @3dcheapskate do tell!

  • There are a few ways of having different or multiple UV's.

    You can have as many alternate geometry listings as you want in a figure.
    Poser 2 figures did just that for the hands.
    Technically you could do it for the entire figure as well.

    You can also make a multiple mesh.
    Basically 2 figures with the exact same mesh in one obj, and different UV's
    Then just use a mat file to hide the materials (basically the UV's you don't want to show) you don't want to show.
    You can use read script calls in the character file to do a lot of it fairly painlessly with either method as well.

    Stacking figures creates a morph issue. Alternate geometry can get around some of that.

    I played around with doing just that when we did Poser Place V4~WM, and it works with standard rigging.
    There were some quarks with weight mapped figures.
    No clue if that was ever addressed or not.

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    @3dcheapskate do tell!

    Well... when I started this thread the spam-bots were still on a roll. When I came back to see if anybody had replied all the spam topics had vanished. Nobody else had posted anything. Therefore it must have been my topic that stopped them ! ;o) QED

    P.S. This also proves incontrovertibly that the moon is made of cheese !

  • @shvrdavid Thanks.

    • For a general case geometry swapping is probably the best option, and still may be for my specific case. I'm just trying to see if there's a clever way I can get round a specific problem - see below.
    • Your second suggestion, the multiple mesh, has started the cogs spinning in my brain.

    The reason for this question is the geometry-swapping bookrows in a six-rows-of-bookshelf-contents figure, specifically the thoughts/ideas in this post beginning "...What if I want to use that same alternate geometry for the second shelf up?". Because alternate geometry is already being used to give me different book arrangements for a shelf, I'm really wondering if there's any way to provide alternative UV mappings within each alternate geometry.

    Duplication of the mesh is something I was specifically trying to avoid (that's explained in the linked post), but your "...use a mat file to hide the materials..." suddenly got me wondering about using doubled-up 'usemtl' lines - although I'm 99.9% certain that each 'usemtl' line overrides previous ones. Worth a test just to make that 100% certain and avoid that thought niggling me further.

  • F%^&ING EDIT TIMEOUT ! (no, I can't ask somebody to do it for me - it's far too convoluted, although it took me less than a minute)

  • @3dcheapskate would it matter if the original obj contained all of the alternate geometry? If not, you could group the separate sections with different actor names, and just use individual animated visibility dials on all those actors, including exposing their translation dials, so they can be moved about a shelf, or from shelf to shelf. No need for alternates, unless you want to change the book covers, in which case, you can animate a shaderNodeParm which drives a blender, or series of blender nodes to choose between alternative cover images or patterns. No need to swap UV mapping for an individual actor, just which maps are visible.

    It's certainly possible to have multiple actors in a figure refer to the same geometry group, I've done it for a third eye (as shown in my avatar, which has two actors using the right eye mesh).