V4 eyes don´t close

  • @willshetterly That would be a quick fix, but not satisfying, if you want some realistic blink effects in your animation. I´m experimenting with some of your suggestions and at the moment it seems, that the best solution is to: Load the 4.2 figure, set EyesOpen-Close to -1 (wow, the eyes close like they should :)) and inject the morphs after that. The eyes keep closed, while the morphs are loaded. Seems to work pretty good!

  • @anomalaus It's the V4 in my PP2014 'preferred state' that was screwed. I removed her and set the preferred state, then added her back and set the preferred state again. Her eyes close fine now.
    So maybe before saving any scene with V4 in it, or setting a 'preferred state' with V4 in, or saving a CR2 including V4 you should always ask her to blink once just to check her eyes are okay ? ;o)

    (note: this Oct2014 DAZ forum post, linked from post 11in the CGBytes thread recommends changing the deltas of the xrots to +/-2, which sort-of confirms what I thought)

    P.S. My apologies to everybody reading this thread for losing my temper yesterday !

  • @3dcheapskate glad you solved the source of the problem. :-)

    I do so much continuous development of V4, I don't trust any file saved back to the library as anything other than a source of deltas for new morphs I create, which I then incorporate back into my own parallel version of the !DAZ hierarchy. It's very time consuming, especially when I need to propagate morphs to multiple conforming clothing figures. However, the consequence of chopping everything up into chunks which match the DAZ hierarchy (except for the morph injection structure, which I don't bother with for clothing items), is that I can have lightweight figure files which readScript in not only the base figure, but conforming clothing and corresponding fitting poses.

    Every time I start a new scene and load V4 figures (haven't got around to doing the same to any other one, though I may go that route with PE, despite a lesser incentive), I know I have the latest mods and morphs and won't have legacy issues unless I've stuffed something up. If I want different clothing, or a different skin texture, everything's modularised, so I just need to create a new combination file which incorporates all of the components via readScript: objects (for base figure, props and conformers), base figure definition {actors (body parts, props and deformers), figure block with extracted texture selected by readScript], default pose and expression for base figure, then figure+texture definition and fitting pose for each of the conformed clothing items.

    With a standard figure+clothing set, I can create folders of multi-figure pose files, which use tiny python scripts to incrementally select the next figure in the scene, between loading base figure and fitting poses for the known clothing items. One double-click and everything gets posed. Run a different script, and I can have it load an entire folder of such poses, one frame at a time, for a complete sequence.

  • I used to have the problem until I had to install Aiko 4. This was because I didn't check requirements on a Character I bought which is 'cos I'm hard of thinking. Since then if I inject A4 the eyes work fine. Also some of the Expression packs I had bought over the years (Ironman13 and Tempesta3d from memory) were much improved. It appears A4 brings a load of expression morphs to the table. Still if you can fix it without spending any beer tokens, then that's always a bonus.

  • Here is the solution which works best for me:

    1. I made a reinstallation of V4 (you don´t have to do this, I just wanted to be sure)
    2. Open: My DAZ 3DLibrary\Runtime\libraries!DAZ\Victoria 4\head: 05-ps_pe069_DAZ_ERC.pz2 with an editor like notepad.
    3. Change this four parameters:
      targetGeom PHMEyeCloseBottomL, deltaAddDelta -2
      targetGeom PHMEyeCloseBottomR, deltaAddDelta -2
      targetGeom PHMEyeCloseTopL, deltaAddDelta 2
      targetGeom PHMEyeCloseTopR, deltaAddDelta 2
    4. Save the file.
    5. Open the Victoria 4.2 figure from the DAZ people folder. She is able to close her eyes now :)
    6. Inject the morphs that you need.
    7. Rebuild your model, I used a pose for that. Then you just have to load the right textures and hair and you´re done!

    Here is my result:
    Thank you all for your help!!!

  • @steve_vaii can you confirm what the deltaAddDelta values were before you changed them?

  • @anomalaus Before they were:

  • @steve_vaii those values are scaled to lift and lower the eyelids as the eyes point up and down, so +/- 20 degrees of eye elevation times those values follows the eyes. Nowhere near enough to fully close the eyes, so they must have been released as a faulty version of the distribution files. They're exactly what you see on the eye xrot valueOperations.

    As mentioned, fixing those values in ps_pe069_DAZ_ERC.pz2 is the first and most important place to correct this problem, but it's also worthwhile checking all of your saved V4 CR2 files for the problem so it never reoccurs. That can be done in exactly the same way as with the !DAZ file.

  • @steve_vaii I'm 99% certain that you've actually changed the deltas for slaving the eyelids to the xrot of each eye, as this appears to be the workaround identified in the RDNA thread (since RDNA's gone I'm going via Post #11 in the CGBytes thread which links to boz's post in the DAZ thread which references the RDNA solution and includes a very clear picture with yellow arrows.

    Can you try twiddling the 'Up-Down' dial on Vicky's eye now ? Both eyelids should move slightly in the same direction as the eyeball. But changing those deltas from -0.016 to -2 (lowers) and 0.033 to 2 (uppers) will probably have had a very obvious effect. Here's what it should look like:
    I think your Vicky will wink at you !

  • @3dcheapskate I set the Morphs++ EyesUp-Down dial to -30, looks pretty good I think :)

  • @steve_vaii Ah yes, head > Morphforms* > Morphs++ > Eyes.
    Which drives the Up-Down (xrot) of both eye actors with a delta of -1 (confirmed using a modified version of anomalaus' script).
    So when you use this dial the eyelids are actually driven by the xRot of thelEye/rEye actors.
    The fact that it looks okay after your edit scuppers my theory then.
    Good to know that the RDNA workaround/fix works without causing a knock-on problem. :o)

    *I can never find that dial when I want it, which is why I use the dials on each eye.