Broken topic "Current projects, works in progress" - can't reply or delete newest posts

  • I must confess! I was just practicing my Air Guitar, when the Cherry Tree got in the way of my Axe Stroke!

    I am seriously concerned that I have managed to break a popular topic (300k+ views and 1200+ posts) to the point where no one can easily reply. I cannot even delete the posts which appear to have caused the breakage (containing two instances of triple-quoted python code within NSFW tags in a single post). The reply links on individual posts do nothing, and the vertical ellipsis, which normally pops up a menu of options to edit or delete the post appears empty, so posts cannot be deleted. Even the main Reply button at the bottom of the page does nothing, so no new posts can be made unless someone goes to one of the posts prior to the breakage and replies to that.

    Please, beneficent Mods, please fix this??? Delete the bad posts. I have the original comments, code and pics saved and can reinstate them without the "NSFW-triple-quote land-mines" that block the path for future posting.

  • I edited the one post to hide the code, but that isn't the issue....

    Somehow, the NGram post and the one after it appear to be the same post, but they are not.
    I can not edit the Ngram post, there isn't even an edit button.

    My guess is that it will have to be purged from the database from an admin account.

  • I think I have it, had to push code thru using developer mode, lol

    You may have to force a full reload of the page thou.....

  • @shvrdavid thank you [forehead pressed firmly to floor]. It would make absolute sense that a coding issue failing to correctly detect a closing triple-quote could leave the remainder of the page indecipherable to the underlying script, despite appearing to display correctly (in the main).

    I had already noticed that the topic was behaving itself again, but did not know who to thank. Thank you! :-)