Strange bug, please help :-(

  • I guess it wasn't a good idea to save the scene from my second pc.

    my computers are connected via network, and I can open scenes from my second pc without any problems to render, though I usually never save from that one. I did now, by mistake...and what happened is hillarious:

    1. all the lights got deleted.
    2. Alyson's character got deleted.
    3. there is an extremely strange artifact in the middle of the scene: it seems like a huge magnet + Alyson's figure, but it's not really there. you can't select it, you can't's like a ghost-image stuck in the scene:


    any idea what went wrong?

  • @gsfcreator Try selecting the Cross hair under her feet or under the floor.

  • @gsfcreator these kind of things happen when the save file has been corrupted. I.e. the save was interrupted before completion, so you have the object definition sections, which load the meshes in their default sizes and positions, but do not have the corresponding actor definitions to create the dials which allow you to manipulate the objects.

    I hope you have a backup of the scene somewhere.

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    Corrupted save.

    Content of both PC's not the the exact same paths.

    Open the cr2 and see what path's are used for the obj and pmd files.

    Was file compression enabled?

    Multiple obj and or pmd files with the same name.
    => Poser will load the fist one it finds.

  • @anomalaus Luckily for me, I have a backup and was able to restore everything within a few minutes + most of this scene was rendered already sigh of relief

    @vilters both pc's are connected to the same content, same paths, this is the only way to have octane work properly on both. that being said - even though opening saved scenes from PC1 (main) to PC2 works flawlessly and allows me to render on both computers with octane, I should probably avoid saving anything from pc2, and continue working and saving from my main machine always. I was on that mindset before, it was just a manor slip, which could'a cost me dearly :.

  • @gsfcreator glad to hear. I do like the auto-save feature of Poser 11.1 (or whichever version it was released with). It's saved my arse a few times.

  • @gsfcreator This reminds me of the time I got a corrupted saved file. the issue was that I had "Use External Binary Morph Targets" checked.

  • @ghostship I had issues with that as well! making sure it's off every once in a while since then.