Filter Forge Question

  • I'd rather get my answers from Poser Nation soooooo....

    Filters can be a great aid in making great renders. Right now Filter Forge is 75 percent off. I was wondering if the basic version is really worth it (Can't afford more until Friday. Of course the sale ends on Thursday)

    To Those who have Filter Forge, can you upgrade from the basic version?

  • @maestro I've always had the Pro version, so don't know if they have a specific "upgrade" price. That said, what I did the first 4 versions was to purchase the newest version each year when they had a big sale, like now. I didn't switch to the Lifetime License until version 5. That was quite a big outlay, but now I get the new versions every year with no additional cost, so it's turned out to be worth it.

    I would suggest you get the Standard version, as I don't know how good the Basic version is. What I just found on their site is an Upgrade page, and if you had the Basic version now, you could upgrade to Standard for $50, or Pro for $125, but that's probably only while this sale is on, because it states it's a "special price".

    If you click on the Buy tab, scroll down and you'll see what each of the versions offer. If you are satisfied to start with the Basic version, you can always upgrade the next time they have a sale. I'm not sure if they only have a sale once a year. They may have it two or three times a year, so you can upgrade to Standard or Pro the next time they have a sale and you have the funds.

    The two differences I see between the Basic and Standard versions is the ability to edit exiting filters to your liking, AND the ability to create your own filters, and I have a feeling that's what you would like to be able to do. The choice is yours of course, so maybe waiting for the next sale to get the Standard version, might be the way to go.

  • In case you aren't aware, you can also purchase a quarterly subscription straight from the site, it's currently $29, regularly $49. If you would rather try it first, than buy outright.

  • @rlowens68 Good point, I hadn't noticed that. Certainly a good way to "try before buying".