Indexing in Progress

  • OK,,Give me a clue how long this is going to take. Lost my HD so having to reinstall EVERYTHING.
    Losing patience

  • @vitachick I'd like to avoid frivolous answers trivialising your problems. My condolences for your loss. Reinstallation can be unutterably tedious, and then on top of that, Poser will want to index your Runtimes, which could take hours or days.

    On the up side, while it does that, you have an unrivaled opportunity to do other things. Read a book, read the Poser manual! Go for a walk, get some exercise, surf the net for answers on how long indexing might take, oh, wait, you've already done that...

    Do not give up hope or life! Indexing will be finished some time... :-), I promise :-)

  • Use a browser like Chrome or Firefox for your library. It eliminates indexing while increasing speed for searches.

    To Copy the instructions of Netherworks via @englishbob from the Hivewire Forum.
    If you want an external application for the Poser 11 Library, here is a trick to make that work. This
    uses a web browser as an external application.
    This will not fix Favorites or Indexing issues, but the process will be running outside of Poser.

    1. Close Poser 11.
    2. Go to "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Poser Pro\11" in your file browser.
    3. Open Poser.ini in a (not notepad) text editor.
    4. Look for an entry named LIBRARY_EXTERNAL_CLIENT and change the 0 to 1.
    5. Save Poser.ini
    6. Open Poser 11.
    7. Click the Library Button and you will see some "instructions".
    8. Highlight everything on the line after "Release URL = ", right-click and choose copy.
    9. Open a browser window (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc) and paste that into the URL field.
    10. You may need to allow this URL if you are running with safe surfing type addons.
    11. You can now access the library externally.

    They are wrong in one thing I think. It doesn't index your computer but it's so fast when searching, you don't have to. There are other benefits like bookmarking your Poser library for easy loading but really, eliminating the Eternal Indexing is so wonderful.

  • @maestro I've been using Firefox for my Library since I first got PP11, and I like it, especially with large Library folders, because I can resize it so I can see 4 or 5 thumbnails in a row, rather than the miniscule 2 of the internal Library.

  • @miss-b Plus add in the reduction of wear and tear on your hard drive and you have a winning strategy. I always thought that only being able to see a couple of thumbnails was rather weak.

  • @maestro Oh, I think that probably depends on how you have your UI set up, because if, for instance, you don't use the Hierarchy Editor, you can have the internal Library much wider. I just find the way I have my UI set up, the internal Library only affords me 2 per row at most.